Recover Deleted Files From HD/USB Drive Or Images From Digital Camera Using Undelete360

Undelete360 ​​is a functional software designed to recover deleted files from your Hard drive, USB drive, digital camera or even floppy driv...

Recover-Deleted-Files-From-HDUSB-Drive-Or-Images-From-Digital-Camera-Using-Undelete360Undelete360 ​​is a functional software designed to recover deleted files from your Hard drive, USB drive, digital camera or even floppy drives. Whether by accident or by because of virus, we often lost important documents that has great official value or personal pictures that are priceless. At that time, it's always good to have a recovery applications to recover them so that you don’t need to start your work again from the scratch or get upset by the lost of those priceless pictures. Although if you search on the internet, you will get tons of applications that says they are going to recover all your date – most of them are fraud. In past few days, we covered two brilliant and free Data Recovery tool called Piriform Recuva and Abelssoft FileWing that actually works. Today I have came across another functional tool called Undelete360. Undelete360 is possibly the best option available to recover deleted files easily, offering easy and interactive menus, visually attractive and complete information about the results. Two great things to consider about Undelete360 with other files recovery tools is, it is portable (Has separate version with installer) and it can recover deleted photos from a digital camera. Also it’s quite faster then others and at the end, result is going to please you. More to read.


The main advantage of the application is it is compatible with almost any type of physical media. That is, it can scan computer's hard drive and you can also recover files from flash drives, portable hard drives or other devices such as digital cameras using it. All this can be done in a simple window. As mentioned, it has both portable and installer version. Download which suites you more and then run/install it to get started.


Click on search from the main window to get started. Then click on the target drive from the popped-up window. Once you marked desired drives, click on Start. The time Undelete360 takes to complete scanning depends primarily on the size of the selected drive - the longer it is, the slower the process will be.


Once the search for deleted files has been finished, Undelete360 will list files in the main window. Besides showing a complete list of the scan result, it shows File Name, full File Path, Status (Very Good – Easily Recoverable, Good – Recoverable, Middle – Recoverable, Bad – Least Recoverable and Overwritten – Not Recoverable), Size, Date Created and Date Deleted. You can sort the files by all those info.


You can also preview those files before recovering. To do so, click on File Preview tab and then select file you want to preview. Note that it works only with small files (Images). File Properties tab will show full properties of the file.


Hex View tab is real important if you are recovering a least recoverable file. It show full Hex info stored in the sector. Although you won’t understand it in plain eye, but you can deal with it using any hex tools.


To recover files, mark and select files in batch mode. Then click on Recover. From the pop-up window, select directory where the recovered files will be saved. You can also mark Keep folder structure if you want to keep the same folder tree of those files. Click on Start to get started. Files will be recovered real fast.

Undelete360 can recover deleted files from:

  • Hard drives
  • Digital cameras
  • Floppy drives
  • USB flash drives


  • Restore accidentally deleted files from your PC or other media.
  • Restore deleted files by viruses.
  • Restore too large files to fit in the recycle bin.
  • Restore files deleted on Windows network shares.
  • Restore files deleted from a USB Memory Stick.
  • Restore deleted files when you press "Shift+Delete" keys.
  • Restore files erased when the Move or Cut command has been used.
  • Restore files created and deleted by certain applications.
  • Restore files deleted from the command line.

Undelete360 is a brilliant tool to recover all types of deleted files from your computer. It is a full free data recovery tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successful on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Undelete360

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