DicePlayer: A Faster And Full-Featured Multimedia Player With HD (720p) Playback Support [Android]

DicePlayer is a full-featured video player that lets you play wide range of multimedia content formats on your Android . It supports lots of...

DicePlayer-A-Faster-And-Full-Featured-Multimedia-Player-With-HD-(720p)-Playback-Support-[Android]-3DicePlayer is a full-featured video player that lets you play wide range of multimedia content formats on your Android. It supports lots of media formats including popular video formats like AVI and MKV. Additionally, in powerful devices such as Galaxy S/SII, HTC Sensation, Nexus S etc., you will be able to watch movies in 720p HD. DicePlayer is a video player with many features that aims to change the way you watch videos and movies on your smartphone. The application supports high-definition files, subtitles, multiple screen layouts, gestures and more. Although the application interface isn’t that appealing but it completely focused on usability and faster performance which makes to worth of trying. This can deprive people comparing with other players more that have brilliant UI, but also has its advantages.

A feature which we feel is missing is the automatic scanning of files. When opening the program for the first time, you can not do anything without manually scan the folder where your videos are. It would be very interesting if the program do it automatically. During the video playback, common controls are available allowing forward, pause or rewind the movie with no crashes. You can also lock the screen using a shortcut (in the form of a lock) and choose various resolutions to adapt the video to the screen as best as possible.


DicePlayer has two versions: one is free (Ad-Supported) and another is paid (Ad-Free). In its free version, the program provides no limitation. The only drawback is a banner that appears at the top of the screen while you move the program interface. However, the ad disappears promptly when you maximize the screen. In short, DicePlayer is a very powerful video player. The possibility of making movies in virtually any format and lightweight interface ensures maximum performance, including HD files.


Check the demo video below:

Despite of unattractive design, DicePlayer is a brilliant multimedia player with faster HD video playback support for Android. DicePlayer has both paid and full-featured free (Ad-Supported) version available on Google Play and works on Android 2.2 and later.

Download DicePlayer Free (Ad-Supported) For Android

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