Minimal Reader: Check Recent Feed Items From Android Homescreen With Google Reader Integration [Android]

With Minimal Reader you will always stay connected to subscribed feeds. It creates a beautiful homescreen widget on your Android to check s...

Check-Recent-Feed-Items-From-Android-Homescreen-Via-Minimal-Reader-With-Google-Reader-Integration-[Android]-6With Minimal Reader you will always stay connected to subscribed feeds. It creates a beautiful homescreen widget on your Android to check subscribed RSS feeds or feeds from your Google Reader account or those you add in time. For those who want to read feeds without opening any application, Minimal Reader is an useful tool. It is simple to use and very easy to configure. But aside from all other features, the most interesting option in Minimal Reader which draws the most attention is the integration with Google Reader. So you can include all the feeds that have usually read in a few seconds. Another advantage is that it lets you put two different sizes of widgets, adapting to whatever space is left on your screen. The interface of Minimal Reader is also a big plus-point of the app. It has modern and very discrete options, which can greatly help in time to match the widget on the handset screen. Another that is that the Minimal Reader has a settings button that can be triggered even after the widget is already running. In similar applications, you can only configure the widget at the time during configuration. More to read.


To begin, select the Minimal Reader from the list of widgets on the home screen of the device - just choose either small or large widget. Then select the feeds you want to see there. Alternatively, it allows you to integrate with your Google Reader account. So you can import feeds or include specific folders or select all of the list.


You can also change the theme of the widget in your layout and details such as colors, borders, among others. Once you finish the settings, save your work and return to the home screen of the device and voila! The Minimal Reader is ready for use.



  • Display the latest news titles from your favorite websites/blogs right on your desktop and easily scroll through them.
  • Import your Google Reader Subscriptions or add your own RSS/Atom feeds.
  • Click on a news title to open the full story in a customizable Pop-up window, works in offline mode too.
  • Swipe left or right on a pop-up to read the next or previous news article.
  • Customize the widget and the pop-up to match your home screen.
  • Many settings available : Filter the News by age, auto scroll, auto refresh ...
  • You can add as many feeds as you want on the same widget or separate them in several widgets.

Minimal Reader is undoubtedly one of the most interesting feed reader tool for Android device. It let’s you check recent feed items right from your Homescreen with a stunning widget. Minimal Reader is a free tool works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Minimal Reader

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