Optimize Your Android’s Performance In Single Tap & Clean Cache Via One Touch Optimize [Android]

One Touch Optimize is an optimization tool specifically designed to improve the performance of your mobile device. The app has a function a...

Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]-2One Touch Optimize is an optimization tool specifically designed to improve the performance of your mobile device. The app has a function as the main highlight One-Touch that runs all available optimizations automatically, discarding complex manual settings or options in just a simple tap. One Touch Optimize was developed for Android. It is a very functional application, which aims to clean and optimize your device in order to improve performance and address problems such as lack of space. Although the optimization features follow the same pattern of efficiency found in most apps that do not require root, One Touch Optimize stands out for its clean interface and the monitoring features, which exhibit a clear and simple summary of the unit. The main function, One-Touch, performs a quick cleanup in the system, stopping services and applications side. The cache memory storage is also eliminated, freeing up space on your card. During our tests on a Samsung Galaxy SII (Where we tested all apps reviewed in ABC Trick as well as on the queue of reviewing and after installing many apps is now a bit slow) – released a small bit of memory, although not that notable still worth of trying out. More to read.


The first tab Optimization shows a pie graph CPU and SD usage as well as bar graph or total RAM/ROM and available RAM/ROM. Click on One Click Optimize to execute the feature. The Process tabs displays a list of all applications running on the system. After cleaning programs, the app was released indicated that 44 MB of memory. However, after a few seconds, the memory began to load again, and most of the apps that were stopped again to run automatically. The third tab naming Cache, which maintains the system cache, did a thorough analysis of several folders of the device. However, only 80 KB were released. This does not mean that the feature does not work correctly, I had I device cleaned from junk then. The feature can be very effective in other devices that have many apps installed and never before experienced a clean.

Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]  Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]-5

One Touch Optimize does not do miracles - the same way that all optimizers that do not require root access. The app can stop some processes, free up RAM, empty the cache data from the SD card and reduce the percentage of CPU usage, making your device more willing to run some app or just hard to reduce battery consumption. The simple interface and the OneTouch are good differentials that put One Touch Optimize above other apps of its kind. The app also works as a monitor, showing the amount of free space on the SD card, the percentage of processor utilization and the amount of RAM available. Moreover, could not miss a classic Task Killer to you easily manage the processes running in the background.

Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]-4  Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]-3


  • System optimization: Ending unnecessary processes and clearing cache data can effectively improve the speed of cell phone to achieve system optimization results.
  • Process management: Users can customize to stop system processes, touch-hold to protect some processes.
  • Cache clear: Users can choose to clear cache data generated in the process, user-friendly!
  • Regular clear: This app will automatically help you to clear useless cache in the background at the set time. Let your phone always in a high performance.
  • Desktop Widget: By touching the widget on the desktop to quickly start the "One Touch Optimize" feature.

One Touch Optimize is after all a worthy tool to optimize non-rooted Android device to release a bit of memory and clean cache to get some boost in performance. One Touch Optimize is available for free in Google Play and works at Android 1.6 and later.

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