Pix: Pixel Mixer Now Supports Saving In Full Resolution–An Image Editor With Filter, Border and Texture [iOS & Android]

In Pix: Pixel Mixer, you can let your creativity roll out. This image editor is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to create...

Pix-Pixel-Mixer-Now-Supports-Saving-In-Full-Resolution–An-Image-Editor-With-Filter,-Border-and-Texture-[iOS-&-Android]-9In Pix: Pixel Mixer, you can let your creativity roll out. This image editor is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to create combinations of effects to your pictures, customizing the look of each photo before posting it in the virtual world. You can shoot a new picture or select an image from image gallery. The image editing is done in three aspects: filters, effects and borders. Each filter can be combined with other two, creating a unique style. Pix: Pixel Mixer is a very complete app that deserves much praise, but also some criticism. First, we cite positively the number of color filters, effects, textures and borders available. So many options, you can even select your favorite to find them more easily - an excellent feature because it makes the app more accessible interface. In addition, you have full control over creation, combining filters and selecting the intensity of them. This option is very rare, because most applications related to photography for iOS and Android does not allow you to work with more than one filter at the same time. Pix: Pixel Mixer still has unique buttons to share the image via Twitter and Facebook, which is very interesting.


On the other hand, the large number of options may end up becoming a problem. Most people like the convenience and speed, sharing pictures when they are photographed. Using the app Pix: Pixel Mixer, you can spend a long time combining colors, borders and effects until you find the perfect image. And that may not please those looking for something instant. Pix: Pixel Mixer offers an option to random, to create random effects. However, you can not select a combination and return to it if desired. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save a complete combination of colors, effects and borders.


Furthermore, there are options which may be modified, leaving the preset more or less intense.Since the effects of applying different textures and colors in the images. The choice of borders is varied, bringing even cartoons - like flowers and corners with clips. You can select your filters, effects and borders favorites for easy access to them whenever you want. Pix: Pixel Mixer also provides a random choice by selecting various options at random to create your image.



  • Apply Various Effects at Once!
    Create your own effects by using multiple effects at once!
  • Add Your Effects to Favorites!
    Simply add and retrieve your favorite effects using our Favorites.
  • Random Effects with Just One Touch
    You can apply various random effects with just one touch. Get ready to be surprised!
  • Simple User Interface
    Applying filters, film layers, and frames has never been this easy!
  • Powerful Sharing Functions
    Share your edited photos on Twitter, Facebook, and other apps on your phone.

Check out the demo video below:

Pix: Pixel Mixer is indeed a brilliant photo editor tool for Android and iPhone. Pix: Pixel Mixer is available for free in both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Download Pix: Pixel Mixer For Android

Download Pix: Pixel Mixer For iOS

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