Record Your Sound By Talking And Then Turn It Into Music With Talkapella [iPhone]

If you can not sing, but always dreamed of making music with your own voice voice, may have his chance with the Talkapella. The application ...

Record-Your-Sound-By-Talking-And-Then-Turn-It-Into-Music-With-Talkapella-[iPhone]-4If you can not sing, but always dreamed of making music with your own voice voice, may have his chance with the Talkapella. The application is simple and does not bring any tools, but can help you to make music with a style very professional. Talkapella is an application that impresses with its simplicity: to get along with the app, you need not be an expert in music, or even understand everything about your gadget. A simple touch of a button transforms words in songs a lot of fun. The result, to join to be visibly produced by a machine, is quite convincing, leaving common words with a very professional appearance. The only thing that disturbs Talkapella is in excess of digital effects, leaving the sound very artificial. The application interface is beautiful: a black and a colored symbol in the middle of the screen are simple and colorful style that combines a lot with the music created by the app. The buttons are very intuitive menus, especially on the main screen, which lacks even subtitles for the functions.

Just download the app to start creating your own songs. You need not be very refined, not even understand anything about music: just touch the center of the screen and start talking. Thus, the Talkapella record your voice. You can talk all you want. What counts here is abuse of creativity. Once finished his speech, touch the display and wait for the app says all the work.Within seconds, the Talkapella returns to you a song, fully healed and in tune.


You can not choose the musical style, but with the Talkapella, his voice will always have a style and a digital electronic rhythms. However, you can purchase additional packages and unlock this kind of improvement in the system, creating music of all kinds. Once you've finished your song, you can now save the result in the app itself or share with friends, either through your Facebook, Twitter or by sending the results via email. So you can show everyone who has a great talent, even with no effort.


The ability to share the results with anyone and save the songs in the app itself leave Talkapella practically perfect. The app has a free version available in iTunes App Store however, the fun is only complete with the purchase of additional packages, which can reach $ 2.99.

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