Schemer: Google’s New Product To Find Something Amazing To Do Or Ask Your Friend To Give A Hand [Android]

Besides being an Internet service, Schemer is a free application from Google that connects you to your friends in a different way. The idea ...

Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (1)Besides being an Internet service, Schemer is a free application from Google that connects you to your friends in a different way. The idea here is not to create a social network, but only to gather your Google+ contacts in an appropriate place to share suggestions for interesting activities, which are called schemes. At first we were a little reluctant with the idea of ​​Schemer. However, after a while we see how the proposed application is brilliant. Besides serving as a task organizer, this software ensures greater integration with friends. Regarding the proposal, we do not have to complain about! The look of the program is also a positive aspect. Large buttons provide access to different areas. With the interface divided into tabs, Schemer ensures fast time to find out what friends are doing, create new schemes and find new tasks to perform. Schemer gains value with its incredible integration with other Google services. Unlike other new services, here you need not go hunting friends, since they are already in your social network. Moreover, the application identifies registered addresses on Google Maps, or you can suggest places to perform tasks without having to register anything.

Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (7)

Despite the whim to create an application easy to use, Google forgot to add all the features of mobile service in the application. Although not essential features, options missing could add great value to the software, after all, would prevent the client was forced to use the site to make certain changes in the schemes.

Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (5)Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (6)

For those who are a bit new to the internet area, Schemer may seem a little complicated. Actually, the idea of ​​service is simpler than it seems. When using this product from Google, you should add some personal interests, such as: movies, bars, and other books. Once this is done, the service suggests some activities (those schemes). If you like something and want to do it, then click I want to do it. However, if you have completed the indicated task, select the option Already done it. Did not like the suggestions? Okay, you can create your own activities. For example, if you want to see a movie that just premiered, then simply create a job for your friends know what you like to do. If others also want to watch the movie, the scheme will earn some interest.

Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (4)Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (3)Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (2)

How To Use Schemer

Is it the first time you use the Schemer? Follow the steps below to create your first activity in the application:

  1. Click on the pen icon (in the upper right corner of the screen).
  2. Enter the name of the task.
  3. His scheme is available from the initial application. Click on it to edit.
  4. Add a comment explaining what the purpose of the activity. If desired, forward a suggestion to your friends by clicking the "Heads Up".
  5. After completing the task, open the item and click "Done".

An activity may seem silly, but actually there are many other options to explore the Schemer. If you want to access the full version of the service, open the site in the browser on your smartphone or computer. Accessing the full interface of the portal, you can insert images into tasks, and add tags to indicate the location where the scheme should be performed. Furthermore, it is possible to check which friends are using the service.

Check the demo video below:

Schemer’s official mobile client is currently available for Android while the iPhone version is under development. Schemer works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Schemer For Android

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