App 2 SD: Automatically Notify When An App Can Be Moved To SD Card With Batch Move Support [Android]

From the Android 2.2 (Froyo), users are allowed to move applications to SD card without having root access. Typically, smartphones come wit...

App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-thumbFrom the Android 2.2 (Froyo), users are allowed to move applications to SD card without having root access. Typically, smartphones come with a small internal memory and an SD generous. However, the rapid accumulation of installed items could leave you out of space. App 2 SD is a simple and functional. All apps that you install the unit can be sent to the SD card when you access the application settings of the operating system. However, it is common that users forget to perform this action, occupying space in internal memory unnecessarily. At first glance, App 2 SD may seem too simple an application. However, it can be very useful for users of Android from version 2.2. It facilitates the deployment of apps to memory card, mainly because of its notification option. That is, every new application installed, App 2 SD warns the user that it can be stored in external memory, leaving the unit organized and saves space. Moreover, it has an ignore list so that you select some applications that should not appear in the list of App 2 SD.

It would be interesting to have an option to send the app to SD card automatically. But even so, App 2 SD is a useful application and super easy to use. To address this issue quickly, App 2 SD has developed a basic system: the application tells you everything that can be sent to the SD card and how much memory can be freed from it.

App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-2   App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-5

It also displays the applications that need must be installed on the device internal memory and sends a notification to the user whenever a new app installed can be stored on the card. In addition, App 2 SD can also scan the device, showing early on how much cache memory applications are occupying at the time and asking if you want to perform a cleanup.

App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-3 App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-4 App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-6

Check the video demo below:

App 2 SD is a free tool to move installed application to SD Card without rooting a device for free. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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