Bird Blast: A Classic Bubble Puzzle Games To Match Same Colored Birds [Android Game]

Bird Blast is a nice game for Android game that needs an extra bit of attention and gaming skill to play. Here, you have to join the birds...

Bird-Blast-A-Classic-Bubble-Puzzle-Games-To-Match-Same-Colored-Birds-[Android-Game]-(Thumb)Bird Blast is a nice game for Android game that needs an extra bit of attention and gaming skill to play. Here, you have to join the birds of the same color to eliminate them from the panel. Gambling has no complex controls and everything you need to do is touch the screen indicating the direction in which the bird will be released in time. Bird Blast is a game that worth of trying out: it is simple to play, does not have complex controls, but at the same time, has a great level of difficulty. The game greatly increases the speed over the steps and this leaves the Bird Blast quite challenging even for experienced players. The look of the application is another plus point. The images are of quality and have wing shapes and textures Bird leaving the Blast even better. The responses of the controls are also good physical simulation and does not leave much to be desired, although the reaction of birds to collide against other causes the game becomes more difficult: the animals will not always stop at the desired location.


The sounds of Bird Blast were also well thought out and combine well with the style of gambling.With so many positives, the Bird Blast becomes an optimal choice between free casual games Google play. If you prefer, you can replace the birds that are in line to be launched and improve their strategies.Also, as you advance in the game, the Blast Bird will bring new challenges and items that can improve their performance. You can, for example, use bombs to destroy several birds at once, or use wildcard parts that help in any space. In more advanced stages of gaming, you will go to find bubbles with coins, which give even more points, and birds that change color from all others around them. So you can eliminate even more items in one move.


Bird Blast is a nice puzzle type Classic Bubble game for Android. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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