Overkill: Enjoy A Powerful Free First-Person Shooter Game With Incredible Graphics [Android & iPhone Game]

Overkill is an FPS that will leave you glued to the screen of your gadget, ready to shoot all the enemies that appear in front of you. The a...

Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-thmbOverkill is an FPS that will leave you glued to the screen of your gadget, ready to shoot all the enemies that appear in front of you. The app brings to your Android or iPhone a hostile environment, full of enemies, and you need to be good sight to get along in the game. Overkill is an intense game, made as for those who enjoy games of first-person shooter. The application is optimized for screens tablets, so it does not matter if your gadget the display is large or small, gambling will always get quality images for you to enjoy at home. One of the advantages of the game is the amount of wave of attacks (over 100), scenarios (there are 5 in all) and even a store with a huge variety of weapons. With all this, you can go into battle armed to the teeth. The only problem is that it is very difficult to get enough points to buy heavier weapons, so if you want to advance in gambling will end up buying additional packages in Overkill.

The positive points and the amount of items and good quality images, Overkill also brings the sounds of the game, perfectly synchronized with all that happens on the screen of the gadget and making the player is immersed in the adventure. To play you need to keep both hands when the next screen of the device, since the game's controls are all made by rings on both sides of the display. The game begins with an interactive tutorial, so you can drive all the controls of the game, you're ready for combat.

Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-2  Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-3

With your left hand you control the gun, with the right hand shots. To reload, you can shake your gadget or select the command reload, just above the shutter button. When you have more than one weapon in the arsenal, just slide both thumbs on the screen to switch between weapons. In Overkill, gambling is intense and you need to keep an eye on all sides of the stage, because the enemies appear in the corners that you can not imagine: behind walls, boxes, and hidden in the dark. Any place is the environment for an opponent to hide. On the head of each one you find a green marker that determines how much time left for that soldier to shoot. Be quick and destroy all before they shoot at you. You can even restore health with items that appear in the middle of gambling, but if the shot is in the head, you're dead.

Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]  Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-5

Check out the video demo below:

Overkill is an enjoyable FPS game for your mobile with stunning graphics and effects. This is a free game works on Android 2.1 and later or iOS 4.0 or later and is available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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