Going Nuts: Embark On A Breathtaking Journey Through The Forrest With Your Squirrel [Android Game]

Going Nuts in a game you have a lot of fun and full of challenges to overcome: here, your mission is to take the squirrel to get as far thro...

Going-Nuts-Embark-On-A-Breathtaking-Journey-Through-The-Forrest-With-Your-Squirrel-[Android-Game]-(2)Going Nuts in a game you have a lot of fun and full of challenges to overcome: here, your mission is to take the squirrel to get as far through the forest. For this, the animal will start a flight and you only need to control the direction, selecting the side of the screen that indicate the path to be taken. Going Nuts is a simple game to understand, but that will surely hold you for a long time. What attracts him is the difficulty level, which is not so high, but as the game presents constant challenges, this ends up being a great advantage in the game. The images of the game were all done in 3D, which lets Going Nuts and even better, even if some edges are not so perfect, like the GUI a lot. The picture quality is great, even on devices with large screens. The controls are simple and have very good answers. This is another plus point of Going Nuts, because you will hardly miss opportunities by problems in command.


The soundtrack of the game is very fun and varies the end of the game and the menu entry. This demonstrates some of the developers care about the details of gambling, making the experience of Going Nuts even more complete. The action sounds are also very good and improve immersion in gaming.


The journey is made in the forest and you must dodge trees and pick walnuts to earn points. Beware of the forest animals that can ruin your route and pay more attention to get the golden nuts halfway because they ensure more points in gambling. The Going Nuts phases has to be overcome, but the more you progress through the game, the game is faster and more obstacles appear.

Check out the video demo below:

Going Nuts is an excellent funny game to pass your free times in pleasure. This game works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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