Holo Launcher: Bring ICS Like Interface With Tabbed Drawer, Icon And More [Android]

Holo Launcher is a good alternative for those who like the look of the latest version of Android but has no way to upgrade the operating s...

Holo-Launcher-Bring-ICS-Like-Interface-With-Tabbed-Drawer,-Icon-And-More-[Android]-(2)Holo Launcher is a good alternative for those who like the look of the latest version of Android but has no way to upgrade the operating system. The Ice Cream Sandwich is available for a few devices so far, mainly because of their hardware configurations. Android 4.0 is the version that received more changes until then. With it, the devices do not need physical buttons and gain even more customization possibilities. Holo Launcher brings a taste of what you can find. Who still can not upgrade their Android to version 4.0 in Holo Launcher has an excellent alternative. Even without being able to enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich features in this interface will make your device with a very beautiful and true to the original. Like any interface for Android, it has the downside of ignoring your customization at installation time - ie, forget your widgets and shortcuts on the homescreen, because they are not transferred to Holo Launcher. However, it needs to install the app and test this new interface to get a taste of Android 4.0. The dock at the bottom of the screen is the highlight, with the possibility of creating up to three different screens and customize the shortcuts that will be there. More to read.


In the main part of the screen, Holo Launcher brings a very interesting possibility, which is to increase the grid so you can fit more icons side by side. This function is ideal for those using devices with larger screens, like the Galaxy Note. In the case of the applications menu, Holo Launcher also stands out - both faithful to the visual Ice Cream Sandwich and the organization of the icons on the screen. You can also amends the display grid to view more icons at once, and add special transition effects.


Close to other interfaces available on Google Play (such as GO Launcher Ex), Holo Launcher has many configuration options and use. However, she is very beautiful and reliable, which may please those who are very anxious for an update to the latest version of Android. Your device will get a new fully customizable dock that can bring up to three screens of icons.The home page can also be changed by modifying the grid and changing the number of icons and widgets that can be inserted. Finally, Holo Launcher also has a menu of applications, customizable and organized. He can show the recently used programs and their favorite, offering easy access to what you like best.

Holo Launcher is a good tool to bring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich look to Froyo or Gingerbread. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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