Karma: Browser And Send Gifts To Your Friends & Family Over Internet Without Even Knowing His/Her Address [iPhone]

Karma is an innovative application that blends nicely with the busy lives we lead. It allows you to send gifts to anyone you want, without e...

Karma-Browser-And-Send-Gifts-To-Your-Friends-&-Family-Over-Internet-Without-Even-Knowing-HisHer-Address-[iPhone]-(1)Karma is an innovative application that blends nicely with the busy lives we lead. It allows you to send gifts to anyone you want, without even needing the address of the recipient. Sound strange? It is very convenient for an application only, but all that is most true. This is possible by sending the link of these by email or by own profile on Facebook the person.When the recipient receives the item, it should just register the address where you want to receive the product, food or access to key service that just won and done, the delivery is made ​​as soon as possible. The way to use the Karma is extremely easy to be understood and practiced, since the application itself provides steps for you to go follow when setting up the purchase. Thus, even if the program screen is fully displayed in English, you can understand all the actions that must be made to the process is finalized. The ease of use of Karma is also well connected with the organization of application screens.The functions appear arranged to cause you to preview them without delay and without difficulty, quickly understand where you should start. More to read.

Karma-Browser-And-Send-Gifts-To-Your-Friends-&-Family-Over-Internet-Without-Even-Knowing-HisHer-Address-[iPhone]-(3)  Karma-Browser-And-Send-Gifts-To-Your-Friends-&-Family-Over-Internet-Without-Even-Knowing-HisHer-Address-[iPhone]-(4)

The range of products offered by Karma is excellent. Although not present all the options in the world of items that could be purchased, the list provided by the program allows you to find gifts for the most common occasions like birthday, marriage, desire for better and birth of the son of a friend. The organization of these items is done so well, since they all are classified according to type in specific categories. So it is quite easy to find what you seek, even not knowing much English language, since all sections show the name accompanied by a drawing that summarizes the theme of the products listed here. Another positive point is the variety of categories of products that each of these themes presents for the virtual consumer. You just need to go lowering the screen to check the various options and choose the item that suits you.

Karma-Browser-And-Send-Gifts-To-Your-Friends-&-Family-Over-Internet-Without-Even-Knowing-HisHer-Address-[iPhone]-(2)  Karma-Browser-And-Send-Gifts-To-Your-Friends-&-Family-Over-Internet-Without-Even-Knowing-HisHer-Address-[iPhone]-(5)

If you find the ideal gift for which he was looking for a long time, but can not decide between color, style or taste the most gifted person will like, you can leave this setting on behalf of the recipient.That's right! By the time he received the card the item, it registers the address and also select the type. Besides this convenience, Karma also brilliant in a very important point: the deadline for sending the card that entitles the present. Because the program does not rely on physical transportation to make this first delivery to the addressee, you have precise control of the date on which it will be shown to the person and this definition is strictly respected by the application. But what about the recipient list, huh? Do you think you need to register friend by friend in the program so you can send the gifts? Nothing! Karma pulls the profiles of people who are related to your Facebook account and also the list of contacts from your device automatically. Thus, simply select the lucky one, choose the product and send.

Thanks to that other Stewardship is presented by Karma. As you entered the Facebook account to register the application and also to pull the profile of the friends, the program has access to events and birthdays of the month, and this data shows the main screen, so you open it. With this, you do not get lost at times and we really care without leaving a birthday present without being remembered with a special product.

Sometimes when you press the screen so that a function is performed, the application has no action whatsoever, is paralyzed, as if you had not interacted with the screen. At other times, karma takes a long time for loading pages, so you have to wait long. The options offered by the present Karma is far too broad. There are approximately ten different categories, as a baby, romantic, friend of nature and food. Just choose which option is best for the occasion and have shot in the request.

You can choose the product packaging in accordance with the type of event to which this relates, for example, if your intention is to gift a person who is having a birthday, you can choose the greeting "Happy Birthday" and so on . All gifts of Karma are accompanied by a card with a message written by yourself. You can use the lines to say a few kind words for the person who will receive the product and to perfect the phrases exciting.

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