Music & Video: Easily Download YouTube Videos As Video File Or Audio File [Android]

Most applications synchronized to download YouTube offer only one option: download format video or music. Music & Video is a more comple...

Music-&-Video-Easily-Download-YouTube-Videos-As-Video-File-Or-Audio-File-[Android]-(2)Most applications synchronized to download YouTube offer only one option: download format video or music. Music & Video is a more complete app, allowing you to choose which format to download the file on the website. It has a search engine built into YouTube.Touching on one of the results, you can view a preview of the file, choose the format you wish to download and share the results through social networks. Music & Video offers easy access to the downloaded files in different tabs for songs and videos, and allows you to view the progress of your download. An application very easy and simple to use. Music & Video is an application that divides opinion. On the one hand, it brings the convenience of a quick download videos from YouTube, allowing you to select which format you want to download the file - music or video.


Moreover, it is a very easy to use app. Its interface is intuitive and allows you to view a preview of the video, so make sure you are downloading the right content. The streaming quality is low, so be quick. Moreover, Music & Video is simplified too much. Its interface is unattractive and does not provide access to your media library. Regarding the download, you can not select the quality of video and audio that will download.


Another problem is that Music & Video does not allow you to choose a format for the file (extension) or in which folder it is stored. The download is very fast, but the quality is below that desired. Music & Video can be an excellent quick fix, but if you need good content with high definition picture and sound quality, it is not the most suitable application.

Music & Video is a pretty useful tool to download YouTube videos either as a video file or as music file in your Android. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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