StoneWars Arcade: Fight & Blow Up The Enemies In Ancient Stone Age Theme [Android Game]

In StoneWars Arcade, its great mission is to aim and detonate general, are stones that are hindering its passage or the enemies who want to ...

StoneWars-Arcade-Fight-&-Blow-Up-The-Enemies-In-Ancient-Stone-Age-Theme-[Android-Game]-()In StoneWars Arcade, its great mission is to aim and detonate general, are stones that are hindering its passage or the enemies who want to destroy you. Whatever the target, and you have to calculate the speed and angle of the shot, so you can hit hard. The way to play the Arcade StoneWars is very simple and is made even easier thanks to the customizations that are permitted by the application. The three commands offered by the game - walk, jump and shoot - can be changed so that they are prepared for you to play the way that suits you. During the games, the controls carried out are presented accurately by StoneWars Arcade, because all sent by the player movements are displayed instantly. The only function that presented a bit of delay was the adjustment of the power of the shots, because the bar is filled too quickly, making the determination.


The background music fits perfectly with the style stopped and challenging game, bringing more life to the games. The sound effects represent the actions of a very good and does not bother during the phases. The animations responsible for representing the movements made by the characters are also very good. The main highlight of this question goes to the explosions, leaving the screen even more colorful with the illustration that appears in the game.


The unique feature of StoneWars Arcade which is not very good are the graphs presented by the game, because the environments are shown only in two dimensions, with remarkably simple contours, a pale and without much to diversify the appearance of items displayed by the game. The battles that occur during the phases of StoneWars Arcade are static, ie, while you are looking and getting ready to shoot your enemy is still waiting for the attack. When the time comes for him, his character also is locked in place so that it can not escape. The goal is to hit the enemy again and again so that his life bar is completely empty. But be careful that this does not happen before your character. You have to think hard and calculate the angle and the power of the shot, so you do not waste the shot and end up dying early.



  • Arcade mode: turn-based missions with challenging objectives.
  • Realistic physics (powered by Box2D).
  • 3D pre-rendered fluid character animations.
  • Beautiful original soundtracks.

StoneWars Arcade is a full free Arcade games based on ancient theme. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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