WinMend Auto Shutdown: Schedule Automatic Shutdown/Log Off Etc. Based On Specific Parameters [Windows]

WinMend Auto Shutdown is an application used to schedule automatic shutdown (or any other power options) of the computer. With it, you can s...

WinMend-Auto-Shutdown-Schedule-Automatic-ShutdownLog-Off-EtcWinMend Auto Shutdown is an application used to schedule automatic shutdown (or any other power options) of the computer. With it, you can set the scheduled time that you want to switch off your computer, which can be very useful if you accidentally sleep or need to leave your system on for some time after leaving home, for example. WinMend Auto Shutdown is a good application to automate shutting down the computer. It can be useful in various situations and to increase it’s own advantages, it has support for other tasks (hibernate, sleep, and switch the user). The program works in the background and hardly consumes some computer resources. The settings are very simple, which makes it easier to use. During the test by ABC Trick Lab the application worked properly, fulfilling the function indicated. It had no errors, crashes or any kind of conflict with the operating system. It has almost all features offered by our previously shared Chameleon Shutdown except for one, it don’t have the option to shut down (or perform other action) based on CPU Usage or closure of a specific program. But yet, this tool provides almost everything an usual person needs. More to read.


The program interface is quite simple and straightforward, making it much easier to plan your function. First, choose the task this app should apply to your computer: Shutdown, Log Off, Sleep or Hibernate. Now move to schedule process, If you want to repeat the operation daily, check the Daily and then set the specific time of shutdown on the next field. To set a specific date and time when your PC will trigger the schedule task, select Specified date and time and enter a day and a time for the operation to perform. It is also possible to schedule a time interval from the current time (like 10 minutes later). To do this select the option From now. Then, set after how long the computer performs the chosen task, counting from the current time. In the first field, you indicate the number of hours and the second, the number of minutes.


When everything is as desired, click Start Task. Make sure to first check the task details left from the Start Task button. Thereafter, when the specification indicated triggers the task, the program automatically performs the requested task. If you want to change the color of the application interface, simply click on one of the colored squares in the upper right corner of the screen.

WinMend Auto Shutdown is a really useful tool to preform automatic shutdown based on a fixed parameter if you have to leave your system open. WinMend Auto Shutdown is a complete free tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download WinMend Auto Shutdown

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