Meeting Room: Record All Events Of The Meetings With Your Project Team [iPhone]

Meeting Room is an application for iPhone that serves to document the activities that took place in a meeting. It can be an excellent ally ...

Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(1)Meeting Room is an application for iPhone that serves to document the activities that took place in a meeting. It can be an excellent ally to mount an ATA or simply to record the discussions that were at stake in a project and the solutions that were chosen by the participant group as those to be adopted. Meeting Room is a great application for documenting meetings. It has everything you need to leave all the events recorded, as well as add notes about the subject at hand. One big advantage is also in fact be impossible to disassociate what was written of the event, ensuring the integrity of the documentation. Moreover, it allows you to share information with other participants with a few clicks, creating a history that can be viewed by all team members. Integration with the address book is also a useful function, especially for you to select the participants for documentation, for example. The interface may seem a bit confusing at first, but after creating a project and manipulating the data you already can correctly understand the mechanism of operation of the tools available. If you tend to be involved in projects, it is worth testing the Meeting Room. More to read.

Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(2)  Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(3)

As it may seem easy, record the events of a meeting can be a laborious task. If the notes are made on paper, may end up being lost, and even if you choose to enter them into a text document, it is possible that the file is discarded or completely disassociated from the event. The Meeting Room is a program whose interface is entirely devoted to the documentation of meetings involving projects. With it, you can organize events as the date, and leave all the annotated agendas and decisions of the group.

Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(4)  Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(5)

The device interface is divided among the items occurring in the current agenda and tabs to create a new project. For the latter, simply press the "New Project" and begin typing the information you want to store it. You can indicate membership in another event, using the alternative "+" and choosing "calendar choose from." Likewise, you can indicate that the project is starting now, using "Blank meeting" (in the alternative "+"). If you want to include some annotation about an event, you can do so by this option at the bottom right of the screen (the button is shaped like a notepad). To manage your projects, just use the button in the form of a file or search for it through the fields available for searching. The application is fully integrated into your smartphone's address book.


  • Integrating with your address book.
  • Create notes for every project.
  • Mail meeting summary to all participants with one click.
  • Internal Search Engine for quickly find data.

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