MobisleNotes: Manage Your Notes & Keep Them Synced With All Your Devices Over Cloud [Android & iPhone]

MobisleNotes brings an intuitive and well organized. The main screen displays all the folders and notes with shortcuts. Create a new note or...

MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(1)MobisleNotes brings an intuitive and well organized. The main screen displays all the folders and notes with shortcuts. Create a new note or checklist is simple and fast, simply press the "+" button in the upper right. During our test, the sync feature worked correctly, allowing you to create items on the site of service data and synchronize with various mobile devices that have the app installed - which is great if you hate typing on the small screen of your gadget. One of the disadvantages of the service is that you can customize your notes by choosing the font or font size, and all files have exactly the same layout and structure. The reminder system works well, although the simple warning in the status bar is not enough to alert most unsuspecting. Unlike other similar applications, it is not possible to upload files such as photos and documents.Undoubtedly, this limitation should exclude persons who seek a tool for business purposes.

MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(3)  MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(2)

MobisleNotes interesting application is to make basic notes and checklists. However, if you need a more complete application, which allows customization of text, upload files and share more dynamic content, it is best to seek other options, as set out Evernote. MobisleNotes notes is a very simple service with which you create reminders and checklist.

MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(4) MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(5) MobisleNotes-Manage-Your-Notes-&-Keep-Them-Synced-With-All-Your-Devices-Over-Cloud-[Android]-(6)

The files and folders you create are synchronized with all your devices, ensuring that you can access your data from anywhere. The system also provides automatic synchronization of other facilities like the web interface. Here, you can manage, organize and create new notes with ease that a keyboard and a monitor provide. Then just wait a few seconds to see the result in their gadgets.

MobisleNotes is a pretty useful note management tool for Android and iPhone. It works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 4.0 or later and is available on both Google Play & iTunes App Store.

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