RAMMon: View Detailed Information About Your RAM Stored In SPD [Windows]

RAMMon is an application that allows Windows users to obtain the information extracted by the number of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) presen...

RAMMon-View-Detailed-Information-About-Your-RAM-Stored-In-SPD-[Windows]-(2)RAMMon is an application that allows Windows users to obtain the information extracted by the number of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) presented in the RAM modules installed on their computer. Although not many people know that as well as other hardware components, RAM also has detailed information about its attributes and those attributions are encrypted on the RAM itself. RAMMon is an excellent program to get those attribution data of your RAM without having to studying the manufacturer's manual or by opening the cabinet. Additionally, information may even be more detailed than those obtained from the Internet or printed material, as it will extract all achieved information from the standard SPD. Using this program is simple, as it performs its function automatically. The results are shown in the form of a table organized and easy to interpret. Although it doesn’t do anything rather then extracting and showing device’s detailed information, this tool can be of great value to the developers and also if you are trying to fix RAM problem in your Computer. More to read.

So, firstly, what is SPD? While many people doesn’t seem to hear about it before, SPD is a standard value set by JEDEC (an independent organization for standardization of certain devices) to a host system which is able to obtain the attribute information encrypted in the memory modules, regardless of the technology it’s using or format of the module.


With RAMMon, users will be able to get data such as the memory manufacturer, clock speed, and default name of the module capacity, registration and various other attributes. RAMMon is designed especially for latest RAM devices like DDR2 and DDR3, but it also has support for some older devices. Additionally, depending on your type of RAM, it can get more specific information such as width and thickness of the module, the maximum temperature allowed for the operation, among others. It uses SysInfo DLL SDK technology to obtain SPD information.


To get started, download and install RAMMon package first. Once installed, run the tool from shortcut and then you will have to do nothing more. The operation of the program is automatic: when you run it, you'll immediately receive a list with the information extracted from RAM. They are listed separately, as in the module and separate items. The amount of data varies according to the existing memory module in your computer. The program also allows you to copy the results displayed on the screen to the Clipboard or store the information in the form of text file or HTML.

RAMMon is an easy tool to extracted all details from RAM. Although those information may not seem important for normal user but if you are a developer or a technician then those will be really helpful for you. RAMMon is a free for personal use tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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