Skyrise Runner: Avatar Inspired Game To Have Magical Journey Over Skylands [Android & iPhone Game]

In Skyrise Runner you must control, the last survivor of a mythical Indian tribe responsible for saving the forests. Before anything, we sho...

Skyrise-Runner-Avatar-Inspired-Game-To-Have-Magical-Journey-Over-Skylands-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)In Skyrise Runner you must control, the last survivor of a mythical Indian tribe responsible for saving the forests. Before anything, we should drop some notes here: Skyrise Runner is obviously more a proposition to take advantage of the huge vacuum left by the Avatar, director James Cameron. I mean, the parallel is obvious, no? Indians in colors not human enemies and pure action only interested in exploiting natural resources to exhaustion of a planetoid. That said, is to say: yes Skyrise Runner can be fun. In fact, the proposal here is incredibly simple: the role of the last survivor of an ancient tribe known for defending the nature of predatory activities, you need ... Run. Very. Without stopping. Of course, if you do not want to end up filling a gap any, is also good about jumping between platforms and enemies arranged here and there. In fact, almost all will skip the form of interaction Skyrise Runner. This is because the lateral movement of the game is automated, making it even faster with time. However, it is also possible to kill the terrible woodsmen (?) Using an attack that seems to share the same kind of pixie dust (even one of Peter Pan). Spread a profusion of small sparklers will destroy any enemy instantly.


But Ciellu also brings another advantage for your enterprise activist. A beautiful and functional "double jump" - something older than going backwards, but it always works. In fact, the proper use of the native hops brings much of the challenge of Skyrise Runner. After all, if a fall or land on a cliff face with an enemy does not make your style, good to know how and when to jump. Moreover, there is still a goal  in-game  that consists precisely in using the jumps properly - which ultimately ensure bonuses at the end.

Skyrise-Runner-Avatar-Inspired-Game-To-Have-Magical-Journey-Over-Skylands-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)  Skyrise-Runner-Avatar-Inspired-Game-To-Have-Magical-Journey-Over-Skylands-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)

Ok it is true that so far Ciellu is still with his feet firmly fixed on the ground. Nothing that a little Indian mystic does not resolve, however. In fact, if you can collect a simple sentence that appears in the scenery from time to time, the native will be immediately metamorphosed, earning them - do not, it is not a cabaret dancer, but a beautiful and momentous eagle. Although the mechanics do not change dramatically with the transformation of its protagonist, the variety here is perfect guaranteed to break any possible boredom of the game. After all, instead of jumping to escape the enemies and collect crystals, you will now need to beat the wings ... In order to escape enemies and collect crystals. Ironies aside, yes, it can be fun.

Skyrise-Runner-Avatar-Inspired-Game-To-Have-Magical-Journey-Over-Skylands-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(5)  Skyrise-Runner-Avatar-Inspired-Game-To-Have-Magical-Journey-Over-Skylands-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)

Aside from the gameplay simple and intuitive, it is impossible not to consider as one of the virtues of Skyrise Runner its beautiful graphics. Textures are great, multicolored surfaces, always with a very fluid motion, and no crashes or anything like that. In fact, the developer did a great job Ilusis aesthetic here, can easily compete with some of the most beautiful games of the paid Play iTunes or Google. Anyway, even with obvious wear from drivel indigenous immortalized by Avatar, the fact is that Skyrise Runner can be fun. The mechanics are simple, perfect for a good casual gaming, and all boasting gorgeous graphics. Whether you're blue or not, is worth checking out.

To do so, you must fight several loggers and other threats along a path mixing speed in platform heels - although you can also boost flights in the form of an eagle. By collecting crystals during the stages, you can still buy a wide variety of artifacts  power-ups , can make things easier during their wanderings through the forest. At the end, Ciellu shall redeem all his enemies disappeared.

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