CPU-Z: Find Out Details Information About Different Hardware Component With Real-Time Usage Info [Windows]

CPU-Z is a software designed for users looking for details about the operation and capacity of every hardware component installed on his com...

CPU-Z-Find-Out-Details-Information-About-Different-Hardware-Component-With-Real-Time-Usage-Info-[Windows]-(1)CPU-Z is a software designed for users looking for details about the operation and capacity of every hardware component installed on his computer. As of being a portable tool, this application doesn’t need of installation. The program has always been one of the favorite benchmarking tool used by PC enthusiasts who like to compare their hardware. CPU-Z is a good program that helps users to find hardware fault, configuration errors and is very useful for various comparisons. Widely used among users of the forum, the program is a success as it needs no installation and has fairly good accuracy. The application does not uses spectacular resources, and also please those who seek for monitor temperatures, fan speeds, and details of the hard disk. However, stresses that, as the program does not have this purpose, it meets expectations and is recommended for every user who are looking to find their hardware problem, check out configuration details, resource usage or even only to compare their components. If you want to check out more related tools then make sure to view RAMMon and SpeedFan, More to read.

CPU-Z does not allow you to perform any action, it’s only purpose to show data for research. As mentioned above, this tool is available as portable package so you need not to install it before using. Only download and then run/open it to get started. The UI of this tool is well-organized in tabs showing specific info for each tabs. Each tab-separated fields brings about many details of the internal components, and the best is that everything is measured in real time.

CPU: The first tab refers to the processor, the fundamental issue and has many values ​​that expresses the overall performance of your PC. The first part of this general view shows the items of the processor, such as name, manufacturing technology, the core voltage, and the instructions it can execute.


The second block of this tab displays the values ​​of internal memories, and the speeds of the main processor. Some of the reports are featured as Core Speed, Bus Speed and value of the partial multiplier. As for the cache, CPU-Z reports the values ​​of the levels L1, L2 and L3 - with the L3 appears only for processors that have such a level.


Cache: This tab is somewhat irrelevant, since the CPU-Z has all information of this field already on the CPU tab. However, for more advanced users, the tab tells how the cache is operating.


Mainboard:CPU-Z also reports multiple details about the motherboard from Mainboard tab. Details appear on this tab are useful in cases of loss of the installation CD comes with the motherboard itself because knowing the chipset makes it possible to download the drivers that the card uses. The details of the software features are: the chipset model, model of Southbridge, available slot for video card and BIOS model.


Memory: The Memory tab shows data of the memory modules on the computer. CPU-Z displays many useful information in this tab including items such as: type of memory, memory speed and delay times and latencies.


SPD: The SPD tab of CPU-Z only serves to inform in which slots (slots) are installed and which voltage (voltage - value given in Volts) the memories are running.


Graphics: Finally the Graphics tab displays GPU information and clock information if it finds any additional Video Cards.

CPU-Z is an excellent and detailed descripted benchmarking tool which shows real-time resource information and details about various hardware information in a tabbed-menu. This is a protable tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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