Final Freeway: OutRun Like Racing Game With Brilliant Gameplay [Android Game]

Final Freeway is a racing game that will take your Android device for a trip to the past. Final Freeway is a good thing, especially for the ...

Final-Freeway-OutRun-Like-Racing-Game-With-Brilliant-Gameplay-[Android-Game]-(1)Final Freeway is a racing game that will take your Android device for a trip to the past. Final Freeway is a good thing, especially for the older and very tanned playing OutRun success in arcades throughout the world. The game has a very similar car, and scenarios very similar to the old success. Despite having graphics in two dimensions, the features of Final Freeway are very good.Everything is well designed and is in great resolution. Moreover, there is a good variety of elements in the scenarios, as many cars and buildings. The good thing is that even with this quirk, the game also features a frame rate per second excellent, something that makes the games very fast and fluent. The songs are good game and very busy, something that combines with a racing game. The tracks have a good selection, though this does not influence much in gameplay because the game is in that style where you make the curves practically "force". Here, the same difficulty is overcoming the large amount of vehicles on the track, while it overcomes long uphill and downhill curves.


In this sense, a mode in championship style, in which you fight against other competitors would come in handy. Since the connection to the system of record is really cool because it works more like a challenge, so that you can compete against other players worldwide. Not that you can control here in a time machine, but on the fact that the game is very reminiscent of some games that were very successful years ago as the classic Top Gear and mainly OutRun.


In Final Freeway, you face scenarios in two dimensions, always controlling a powerful Ferrari. Ali, you must step back to get finish races in the shortest time possible. The game has eight different levels, all showing scenarios with various landscapes such as deserts or some of the most famous American cities and beaches. In addition, there are three modes of matches and connection with OpenFeint, so you fight for the best record against other gamers worldwide.

If no short play with the motion sensors of your gadget, Final Freeway also allows customization of the controls, with commands on the screen in several different positions, all so you can have the best performance possible.


Check out the video demo below:

Download Final Freeway For Android

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