Panda Cloud Cleaner: Detect Possible Infections On Your PC And Take Necessary Steps Using Cloud Computing Technology [Windows]

Panda Cloud Cleaner brings another program for additional protection of the computer. It doesn’t works in any way to replace a conventional ...

Panda-Cloud-Cleaner-Detect-Possible-Infections-On-Your-PC-And-Take-Necessary-Steps-Using-Cloud-Computing-Technology-[Windows]-(1)Panda Cloud Cleaner brings another program for additional protection of the computer. It doesn’t works in any way to replace a conventional virus, it does not make a preventive protection (real time) – it just finds foci of infection that is already on it’s way in the computer and additionally for which it also offers a tool cleaning. One downside is that the starting time of the verification process (preparation of application, say) can be slow. This occurs because the program works using the cloud computing technology, and so it is necessary to load data directly from the internet. However, once entered into the analysis, Panda Cloud Cleaner proved really fast. The interface is very user friendly and has a good amount of data on the verification process of the computer. Even if you can not use the quarantine process fir some identified item, you can opt for the decontamination or view details to take whatever action it deems most appropriate. The decontamination process is simple to implement (involving only a click), and is very fast. As an added benefit, it is a virus detection tool based on cloud computing technology, the program requires less computer resources, and do not let the machine become slow during use. More to read.

With Panda Cloud Cleaner, you can scan for security issues and make sure that your computer is not infected with malware. On time of this review, the application is still completely free to use. It just reinforce that this is a tool to detect a potential problem already affected on your computer and should not completely replace conventional antivirus.

Currently, everyone using the Internet know that is not safe to leave their computers without a good antivirus, what with the plethora of threats that appear daily in the large network. Although Panda Cloud Cleaner is not an application to be used alone, it offers a guarantee that your machine is not infected yet and if it’s already inflicted, then it shows documentation and recommendation about what to do. The program's goal is to provide a way to detect infected or suspicious files, inspecting the critical sectors of the computer from the cloud computing technology. Moreover, although it is not able to take a quarantine measure for infections that may be detected, it provides a cleaning mechanism (besides indicating the place where the file is malicious).


To get started, just download and install the tool first. Once installed, run it then. It has no menus or options or a configuration interface in separate sectors - just a screen with only one button. To start scanning your computer, you just need to click on the Accept and Scan, which triggers the scanning process. There are shown in percentage, how many sectors on your computer already been analyzed, and information on which site is undergoing verification at the time. Additionally, a progress bar indicates the progress of the transaction total. At the end of the process, you receive a report of those infected or suspicious files were recognized by the application.


The time between the start and the beginning of the analysis itself can take several minutes, this interval varies depending on the speed of your connection. So, just wait a while for the scan to be initialized. Once initiated the procedure, you can follow on-screen details.

Here, you will have two choices: you can opt for immediate cleanup by clicking on Clean, or see a list with details by clicking on the arrow appears on the right side of the screen. The second alternative provides a button for cleaning on the same screen where the data is displayed. It only enhances the program checks only the critical sectors of the computer (it would be equivalent to a fast analysis).


  • User friendly interface
  • Procedure for rapid analysis
  • Provides a tool for cleaning
  • Based on unique concept


  • Performs only a verification of critical sectors
  • May take long time on a slow internet connection

Panda Cloud Cleaner is a pretty unique tool to detect possible threats using cloud based service. It works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it under Windows 8 Release Preview. This tool is well-designed with attractive UI and available for free as of this review.

Download Panda Cloud Cleaner

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