Slices for Twitter: Latest Twitter Client From OneLouder Makes Twitter Like Never Before [Android]

As the name suggests, the Slices for Twitter is an application that helps you to stay always connected on Twitter. Here, you get a much more...

Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(1)As the name suggests, the Slices for Twitter is an application that helps you to stay always connected on Twitter. Here, you get a much more modern and minimalist to access your account, make posts, check posts from people you follow and interact with their friends. While there are many options of apps to access Twitter on devices with Android, Twitter Slices is certainly noteworthy: it has a very modern look and nice, and is quite intuitive and practical to use. The idea of maintaining two bars for different needs leaves Slices for Twitter-style navigation application that resembles the official Facebook for Android. This helps to find more speed with the most commonly used tools, but without neglecting the possibilities fuller, as the trending topics. The layout of Slices for Twitter is very beautiful, which ensures that it is pleasant to use. The choice of colors was done properly and, moreover, the Slices for Twitter account with fine lines and simple sources, leaving the app with an even better. More to read.

Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(3)  Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(4)

The ability to automatically replicate the posts on Facebook also gives positive points for the Slices for Twitter, so you do not waste time updating the two networks separate applications. So for those who are picky and demand an application with a modern look, the Slices for Twitter is ideal. Besides all the advantages, it is still completely free. The app has all the possibilities present in the web version, but with a very different style and a visual clearly based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(5)  Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(6)

The Slices for Twitter brings a higher bar for you to find the most used tools in a few seconds. At the same time, the app brings up a menu that can be triggered on the side so you have all the possibilities of Twitter in your palm. Moreover, you can also post through the Slices for Twitter. For who is also a fan of Facebook, the Twitter account for Slices with the possibility of posting on both networks. Thus, you save yourself the trouble of replicating content using more than one application.

Check out the video demo below:

Download Slices for Twitter

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