Balance Box: Physics Based Game To Balance Weight With Boxes In Both Side [Android Game]

Balance Box is an interesting puzzle game for Android . Its gameplay is different and requires concentration, quick thinking and great bala...

Balance-Box-Physics-Based-Game-To-Balance-Weight-With-Boxes-In-Both-Side-[Android-Game]-(1)Balance Box is an interesting puzzle game for Android. Its gameplay is different and requires concentration, quick thinking and great balance. Balance Box has a very serious problem: only 20 levels to play. The game is interesting and will make you addicted quickly, trying to solve all the puzzles and so it's really a shame that he offers as low a number of challenges. The gameplay is different and has everything to please those who like intelligent games. Shares in Balance Box are very intuitive and you do not need even a help menu to understand what must be done. The visual leaves a little to be desired, as if he was even simpler could be more elegant. The changes between the types of wood are very subtle and could be more emphasized and clouds passing behind the scene are completely unnecessary.

Balance-Box-Physics-Based-Game-To-Balance-Weight-With-Boxes-In-Both-Side-[Android-Game]-(2)  Balance-Box-Physics-Based-Game-To-Balance-Weight-With-Boxes-In-Both-Side-[Android-Game]-(3)

The soundtrack of Balance Box is strange because brings a lively music, which seems to have come from a game of adventure playground. Even so, it complements the game so interesting, with cartoon sound effects for all actions. Balance Box is different and fun, a very cool game for those looking for simple, engaging puzzles.On the positive side, it is available completely free. But on the negative side, it would be nice to have more stages to play.


The idea here is to complete the wooden boards with the score required in each of ten stages. For this you need to drop blocks on the boards, touching the screen at the right time to direct them. Each item that falls exerts a force on the woods and has a certain score. What fall out of the board represents a loss of points, so we must be aware of every movement of this engaging game.

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