Collagetastic: Create Photo Collages With Multiple Photos Using Different Layout & Effects [iPhone]

Making assemblies with multiple photos and apply various effects by choosing different layouts. This is the purpose of Collagetastic - an ap...

Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(1)Making assemblies with multiple photos and apply various effects by choosing different layouts. This is the purpose of Collagetastic - an application that lets you work with multiple pictures (changing colors, sizes and positions) simply and with good results. The term "collage" means "glue" and therefore exemplifies the format Mounting obtained with the application. It lets you drag, rotate and compose your pictures (which contain the standard now being added style "Polaroid"), including putting on each other and fixing them in the manner you prefer. The Collagetastic offers good options for layouts and effects that help you get colored and custom assemblies. In addition, while using the application, some mini tutorials (how to move the pictures in space as editing or select them separately to apply effects) appear on the screen, helping throughout the process. Even though only in English, the application does not provides many difficulties in handling, especially for providing functions commonly found in apps other image editors (setting the edge of the picture, picture size, applying filters etc.). More to read.

Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(2)  Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(3)

However, during the production process of assembling the can Collagetastic introduce a delay to load the information for each photo, especially if they have filters added. And despite being a free app, some of the effects and blocked layouts appear in the menu of options that they need to be purchased. To further customize your setup, this app offers a variety of effects, which are separated by categories, "popular", "retro", "cinematic", "travel", "color" and "basic". The filters allow you to modify the applicable saturation, contrast and brightness of each photo.

Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(5)  Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(6)

You can add multiple images at once in the edit field of Collagetastic and edit them separately.For you to select the best layout for the composition, the app offers different textures and shapes of funds, ranging from wallpapers retro appearance of wood and fabric. Finally, you can share your mount with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or store it on your mobile. The application also performs automatic saving of your work according to progression, allowing it to be completed in the time you want.


  • Good choices of effects and layouts.
  • Allows you to move and rotate photos within easy editing.
  • Applying effects while creating photo collages.


  • It takes time to load some effects.
  • Not all effects options and layouts are available for free.

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