Ready Steady Bang: Become The Fastest Gunner In The West Else Die [Android Game]

Ready Steady Bang is a simple and fun game that tackles the classic duel of the "old west".Here you will control your gunslinger a...

Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(1)Ready Steady Bang is a simple and fun game that tackles the classic duel of the "old west".Here you will control your gunslinger against a good friend or against the computer. Whoever wins the trigger faster. The challenge works previously chosen criteria: best of 1, 3 or 5 rounds. That beat the fastest gun in the West - possibly the loser will need to leave the city before sunset. This proposal is simple but incredibly addictive Ready Steady Bang. In a scenario "simpleton" in black and white, who have won the best timing to send the opponent to the other world with a pretty accurate shooting. The operation of the game could not be simpler. Each duel always follows the same step: a narrator with a voice and comic squeezed say, in response, "Ready", "Steady" and "Bang!" ...Win who is the first to touch the surface of the tablet / smartphone. But at this point there are two possibilities - both quite convenient. If count with a good friend, Ready Steady Bang can turn into a fun multiplayer one device only. Each contestant will be responsible for half the screen of the gadget. Once the unmistakable "Bang!" Is mentioned, the business is to have good reflexes to be the first to touch the screen surface.


You can also battle against the game's artificial intelligence and Ready Steady Bang gains an extra dose of good humor in that case. This is because you will be asked to confront gunmen, each with its due reward, and may send them to the space of 31 different ways. As for the graphics, Ready Steady Bang actually manages to combine simplicity with a unique proposition. Basically, there is not any kind of complexity in the design style of the game.

Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(2)  Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(3)

The game features a "look" in black and white on a screen almost uncomfortably empty occupied by two dolls, at best, abstract. If work? Sure. After all, it is something as simple and straightforward ... As a duel weapons! Not to mention that the bloodstains in black and white and legs shattered make it very clear what happened in each case. At the end of each round, there is still the possibility to check how good their performance in duels. Win or take the lead back, the game displays a report of its performance, including the time in seconds (or fractions of seconds) required for the touch-sensitive screen of the device.

Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(5)  Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(6)

Anyway, if you think fast enough? Only one way to know: the business is facing Rightus Arthur, Bill Drooling and Co. prove to have - or die trying. Perhaps the only downside is that, well, there's plenty to do besides playing the screen as fast as possible. Anyway, it's worth trying your luck. Should resolve to face the computer, you will face 10 of the most famous gunfighters from history. The operation is quite simple. A comical narrator with a voice say, "Ready", "Steady" and "Bang." Right now, the idea is to play as soon as possible the screen of your tablet / smartphone.

Sounds easy? Not so much. That's because the game always uses a randomly generated long before the "Bang!" Allow shooting - who wins really has the best reflection. If solve compete with a good friend (in a single player only), who will win is the first to touch the surface of the screen that corresponds to it. The game also includes a gallery with only 31 deaths - of headshots shot in the stomach. At the end of each round, are still displayed the data on your performance - seconds or fractions of seconds required for his reaction after "Bang."


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Design is simple yet appropriate.
  • Good for a single player as well as multiplayer.


  • Without any goals or variations of gameplay.

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