Stunt Car Challenge: Control A Powerful Car In Stunt Racing [Android Game]

Stunt Car Challenge is a game made as for those who like speed and want to have fun with a very powerful car. The game has simple controls a...

Stunt-Car-Challenge-Control-A-Powerful-Car-In-Stunt-Racing-[Android-Game]-(2)Stunt Car Challenge is a game made as for those who like speed and want to have fun with a very powerful car. The game has simple controls and can leave you stuck in gambling for a long time, since his style is totally addictive. The proposed Stunt Car Challenge is not groundbreaking, but the app is a great free alternative for those looking for a casual game. What draws the most attention in Stunt Car Challenge is the high level of difficulty in the advanced stages: not always the domain of the car is simple, which means that you have some work to get to the places you want. Earn more points for risky maneuvers leaves the Stunt Car Challenge even more entertaining, especially for those who like to see the car flying over cliffs and jumping rings of fire giants. The sounds of Stunt Car Challenge has nothing special, but the complete application. The roar of the engine does not quite seem real, but at least do not let the Stunt Car Challenge in complete silence. The look of the application is simple. While finishing the layout is well done (the game has a good level of detail and well-defined contours), the drawing style without many shadows or any type of texture can offend the most demanding. More to read.


In general, the Stunt Car Challenge has with responsive controls and a physical simulation which, while not perfect, is not really a problem. However, the use of traction in the rear car disturbs a little gambling, leaving the feeling that the car can not run as much as you need, especially in short stretches. Even with some minor problems, Stunt Car Challenge has no reason to be left out. For those who do not have a high level of demand with their games and face a topa gaming just for fun, the Stunt Car Challenge is a great choice.

To begin, you must choose between using the device's accelerometer or touch the screen to control your car. Both styles have the same shape command: by pushing the front of the car, his powerful will accelerate. With the selection of the back (or tilt the device to the left side), your car will slow down or give the defendant.

Stunt-Car-Challenge-Control-A-Powerful-Car-In-Stunt-Racing-[Android-Game]-(4)  Stunt-Car-Challenge-Control-A-Powerful-Car-In-Stunt-Racing-[Android-Game]-(5)

You can also control the car in the air, causing it to give loops in the air using ramps and obstacles along the way. The Stunt Car Challenge will also require you to collect coins on the scene. So you gain more points in game. The general objective of the game is to get to the finish line without a scratch on the car. That alone classifies you to the next step, however, the more you realize the tricks and get more coins, stars and more points you earn.


  • Entertaining.
  • Two control options.
  • Good level of difficulty.
  • Has support for wide range of devices.


  • Rear wheel drive car can disrupt.

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