What’s My IQ?: Quick Puzzle Box Game Style App To Make You Think Out Of The Box [Android/iPhone]

What’s My IQ? is an Android and iPhone game for those who want to test their ability to reason in a way somewhat different. Instead of the...

What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(1)What’s My IQ? is an Android and iPhone game for those who want to test their ability to reason in a way somewhat different. Instead of the classic questions and multiple choice answers, the game features a series of challenging puzzles, and not simply just be smart to stick to them: you need to know to think of unusual ways to get the answers. What's My IQ is one of those games that appeal with ease due to its concept and execution. Just start testing for the game to bring surprisingly challenging puzzles from the first phase. And most interesting is that the answers are usually quite simple. The graphics of What's My IQ may be simple, but the fact is that they fulfill their function well. All information is well organized and all the buttons clearly show your options, allowing you to clearly understand what must be done in moments. It is a pity that while the puzzles are really challenging, there's no denying a major failure of What's My IQ?: The puzzles never change, repeating the same values ​​for the player to solve.Therefore, after some time, this becomes a mere memory test, enabling people cheat with ease.


Another problem that can affect the Brazilian players are the extra challenge brought by the language of the game. Even if you can read English well, having to interpret the messages implied in the text can become a particularly complicated task, which may frustrate some less patient. Though not without flaws, what matters is that What's My IQ? can have great qualities, offering puzzles really complicated for those who are willing to test.

What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(4)  What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(5)

The game features 50 different challenges that will test it in various topics. Some will present mathematical challenges; others ask the player to move objects on the screen to perform certain actions. But in all of them, it is good to be aware of the "orders" given each level, because nothing is as it seems. If you want to show smart on What's My IQ?, Speed ​​is another important factor. That's because your meter intelligence decreases each second, increasing only when the player completes the test. But not even try clicking on everything quickly to try to resolve the puzzle "in luck", as there are a limited number of errors that can be committed. So you need to balance agility with reasoning.

What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(5)  What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(6)


  • 50 cunning puzzle questions.
  • Out of the box answers that you can never guess!
  • Solutions with 20 Free Cheats (just in case).
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Compete with Facebook friends.
  • Simple yet addictive.


  • Easy to play .
  • Useful tools,
  • Nice interface .


  • Play it and uninstall it - since it can't create new puzzles to ans.

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  1. This is a dumb game designed to suck in and keep your mind captive. The reasoning used to justify unexpected or "tricky/clever" answers is extremely inconsistent, so you end up "learning" the answers by repetition - reminds me of training a pet.

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