Monster Story™: Create Monsters And Raise Them In A Monster Town [Android & iPhone Game]

Monster Story is a game for your iOS or Android where you have to create a city with various monsters, caring for each. In it, you will take...

Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Monster Story is a game for your iOS or Android where you have to create a city with various monsters, caring for each. In it, you will take care of the creatures from the egg stage to development, generating monsters healthy and keeping your village prosperous. Although it is the little game for your Android, iPhone or iPad, it requires internet connection for its operation (otherwise there is no way to play).  Monster Story is a good game for those who enjoy the style of creating and maintaining pets.Soon to open the application, you can see the resemblance to the Facebook game Dragon City. Even if you've played, you will observe that the actions taken are equal, since the position of the egg to feed the animal. Basically, the only difference between the two are the items that can be added to the game and the central theme (and in this game are not created monsters and dragons). Although the main action of the game is you develop your creatures, he has a series of missions that can be completed by the player. Although they are optional, represent a great way for you to earn game money and items, in addition to points to evolve your level - essential for you to have the best experiences in the game. The missions also represent a way to vary your actions in the game and let it differently.


The background music is serene, to help in the immersion in this climate of mounting a city full of monsters and happy. The other sounds are appropriate for the game and are in good sync with the actions they represent. Likewise, the chart and the drawings are suitable for the idea of ​​the game and are very well done. If you like simulators, especially those that require much interaction (or are related to caring for pets), certainly will like the Monster Story. The game follows the style of most simulators, in which you must take account of all the stages of creating the city individually. Soon to open the app, you're taken to complete a short tutorial that aims to teach the operating mechanism of the game - the ideal is that you complete.

Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)  Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)

Basically, you will build a village of creatures. To do this, you must first buy the nests, eggs to hatch. To do this, press the "Market" and open the small screen, enter "Buildings" and choose "Nest". That done, just pick a spot on the stage it deems appropriate, "drag" the building up to it and use the alternative "place". Once placed the nest, it's time to start creating creatures. This is done by accessing the "Market" tab and choosing "Monsters". Then just select the pet you want from the available. Some are blocked at first, but as you progress in the game they are released for you to acquire.

Chosen the egg, it is positioned in the nest and you must wait a few moments for it to be shocked. Meanwhile, you can choose a "home" for your creature in the gaming market. Each animal has a "Habitat" specific, so it's good to have some care when completing the purchase. The positioning of the house is equal to the nest: just choose the location on the map and take it up there (the "Habitats" also takes a few seconds to be built). Completed the habitat, just position the monster in him. As a "last step", your creature must evolve and this is done through food.

Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(5)  Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)

To do this, go to construction regarding your "farm" and click the option to plant. Then simply choose the item you want to cultivate, remembering to pay attention to the different times required for each. Once everything is ready and you do the harvest, just select the monster and press "Feed". Basically, these are the most commonly used actions in the game. However, there are a number of decorations and other items that can be added to your city, to make it more elegant and cause it to be a perfect habitat for your little monsters.


  • User-friendly interface and good gameplay.
  • Brilliant Graphic designs matching with the game.
  • High degree of interaction


  • Requires internet connection to play.

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