Nokia Asha 305: Check Our Thoughts Of A Cheap Budget Nokia Phone With Dual SIM & Touch Screen [Review]

While buying a phone with Windows Phone Operating System , Nokia does not leave consumers less demanding side. They have the powerful Noki...


While buying a phone with Windows Phone Operating System, Nokia does not leave consumers less demanding side. They have the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 to beat the most advanced Smartphone lineup as well as Nokia Lumia 820 to be moderate level phone in a good price. After those Smartphones, Asha series to let people have everything they need in a really cheap price, with the good old Nokia S40. Asha came to meet the huge demand for people who do not want an advanced operating system, but want to use the most basic features of a mobile phone. We today reviewing Nokia Asha 305, a model that stands out for bringing touchscreen and support for dual SIM. Additionally, this device brings a basic camera and some basic applications to access social networks as well as for entertainment. Let's talk about the good and bad things about this device. More to read after the break.



  • RAM: 32 MB.
  • Operating System: Nokia Series 40.
  • Internal Memory: 10 MB.
  • SD Card Support: Yes (2 GB card comes with the phone).
  • Screen Size: 3 inches (240x400 pixels).
  • Screen Type: TFT resistive with 56 thousand colors.
  • Camera: 2 MP.
  • Sound: Speakers and 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth.
  • 3G: No.
  • Wi-Fi: No.
  • Radio: Yes.
  • Accelerometer: Yes.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1110 mAh.
  • Battery life: Up to 14 hours talktime.
  • Weight: 98 grams.
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 11.03 x 5.38 x 1.28 cm.

Good Points:

Nokia Asha 305 might not be a powerful phone after all, but it has some really great feature to stand out to the world. Let’s first talk about those good points about Asha 305 which can make this phone a success.

Touchscreen with plenty of space

The comparison between a simple device like this one with a costly high level Smartphone is not feasible, so let's not talk about inferiority or superiority. Considering the idea of the phone. we see that Nokia had a great idea to invest in a screen with reasonable proportions and get rid of the use of the physical keyboard.

The display of the Nokia Asha 305 is more than enough to accommodate the system resources and provide a basic view of web content. The screen colors are limited and the level of brightness too, but despite this, it is perfectly possible to view photos and enjoy all the features of the device.


Clearly there is not much comfort when using a resistive display, after all, you need to press the screen harder to perform any task, but at least the response to touch commands in this device is satisfactory. The screen of Asha 305 is reasonable.

interesting Design

The look of the Nokia Asha 305 is not really eye-candy, we wasn't;t really happy with it at first. The design of the device follows the same line of patterns of Nokia’s cheap phone’s, so do not expect a surprise appearance. The curves are simple, the keys are well highlighted and there is not much whim at the junction between softkey and screen.


We must emphasize, however, that despite the simplicity, Asha 305 is a beautiful modern cell. It is remarkable traits of the Nokia device and we can not say that this phone is just a generic model. Furthermore, it should be noted that it is very sturdy and hardly suffers from scratches and scuffs.

Two SIMs

There is nothing new to offer support for different SIM Cards at the same time, but in the case of Asha 305, this is the main feature. To facilitate the use of dual SIM, the device provides an easy option in the menu for you to determine which SIM should be used for certain functions, for example, you can use the SIM1 only for calls and messaging and SIM2 for only Internet.


The installation of the SIMs in Asha 305 is very easy. Asha 305 works fine with GSM. The internet speed is not surprising, but it is satisfactory for a non-3G phone.

Bad Points:

Enough talking about the good things, now let’s roll up the other side. While even the most expensive phone on the world has a lot of bad side, how can anyone expect a cheap phone like Asha 305 will be all good? Let’s check out the disturbing side of this device:

No Wi-Fi & 3G Available

Despite offering several benefits, the Nokia Asha 305 is really weak for not bringing the Wi-Fi connectivity while there are lot of Wi-Fi hotspot available all around the world (many of them are free too). After all, it would be much more interesting to use free networks than spending for the data packet carrier.

The lack of 3G connectivity is another bad move from Nokia. Because for not having a 3G supports, the users of Asha 305 will suffer a bit with the low speeds of EDGE. As already mentioned, the device loads basic content of the web quite well, but uploading and downloading something is time consuming and demands patience.


The internal phone memory is only 10MB which is really not sufficient by any means. The RAM too is 32MB, which can be a bit leggy under heavy usage.

It is worth?

The Nokia Asha 305 is a basic device mainly focused to the consumers who need to keep to different SIMs at the same time, but do not intend to use very advanced resources. Thus, the main difference of this product is the low price, which can come in handy. This device comes at a price of only $ which is pretty affordable as well as a fair value too considering the tools it offers.

If you want a phone to make calls, send messages, check out friend’s activity in Facebook and a basic camera, the Asha 305 can be a good option. However, if you need a phone with 3G or Wi-Fi, you should consider other phones before making a decision.

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