BlueFTP v 1.70 : A J2me File Manager

BlueFTP Is A Great FileManager For Java Phones. It Includes All Necessary File Manager Tools. BlueFTP Works On J2me Platform.


BlueFTP Is A Great FileManager For Java Phones. It Includes All Necessary File Manager Tools. BlueFTP Works On J2me Platform.


checkboxWorks on almost all phone models with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 support, using a single JAR file;
checkboxEasy to use, fast and straightforward user-interface (GUI), powered by Medieval GUI System;
checkboxComplete touch-screen support with built-in "double click" event implemented;
checkboxShortcut keys improves user usability and speed-up your GUI experience;
checkboxYou can create, extract and manage ZIP / TAR / GZ / JAR / THM / NTH / UTZ files easily (local filesystem only);
checkboxUnique fullscreen mode (press [0] key), to remove top/bottom bars and enlarge working area;
checkboxCool and intuitive menu system (press [7] or [MENU] key) to execute extended functionality;
checkboxMultiple files and folders selection (press [#] or [*] key), to transfer/delete many items at once;
checkboxSelect all, Select none and invert selection options available;
checkboxSearch files rapidly and accurately, on both local and Bluetooth filesystems, using customisable parameters;
checkboxNavigate on both local and Bluetooth filesystem using a single keypress (press [5] or [FIRE] key);
checkboxDownload/upload items from/to any device with OBEX FTP support (almost on all phone models);
checkboxYou can also send files using OBEX OPP profile (available on all phone models with Bluetooth);
checkboxAbility to cut/copy and paste files between devices and/or to manage local filesystem;
checkboxEdit file or folder attributes to enable or disable READ, WRITE and HIDDEN status flags;
checkboxOpen/view the content of some files using the internal viewer (both local and Bluetooth filesystems);
checkboxPowerful internal image viewer with zoom in & zoom out features using a fast and smooth scale filter;
checkboxYou can open text, image, audio and video files with the internal viewer;
checkboxGet files and folders informations on both local and Bluetooth devices;
checkboxCreate new folders on both local and Bluetooth filesystem;
checkboxRename items or get volume informations (local filesystem only);
checkboxYou can add or remove a memory storage, without closing the program;
checkboxSearch for any nearby Bluetooth device and read its informations;
checkboxBookmark list allows you to save your favorite device without searching it again;
checkboxVery long file and folder names are scrolled on the screen using marquee technique;
checkboxIntegrated help system that shows the "A-B-C" of this product;
checkboxBuilt-in error system with detailed explanation message;
checkboxSigned with both VeriSign and Thawte certificates;
checkboxMulti-language user interface.

Version History:

Release version Version 1.70 - CURRENT
Bug iconSeveral bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release version Version 1.60
Bug iconSeveral bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release version Version 1.50
Bug iconSeveral bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release version Version 1.41
Remove iconRemoved "Send with Infrared" feature: it didn't work;
Bug iconFixed bug with Sony W350 phone;
Bug iconFixed minor bugs.

Release version Version 1.40
Add iconAdded full ZIP (.zip, .jar, .utz and .nth) support (v2.1 compatible), both compression and extraction, also with password protection;
Add iconAdded full TAR (.tar and .thm) support, for both compression and extraction (.tar.gz should be decompressed to extract the .tar);
Add iconAdded full GZip (.gz) file archiver support, for both compression and extraction (GZip format supports archiviation of 1 file only);
Add iconAdded a built-in "no Bluetooth" version for devices without the Bluetooth library for J2ME (JSR-82);
Add iconAdded a built-in "no Filesystem" version for devices without the File&PIM library for J2ME (JSR-75);
Add iconAdded fastkey [7] for item informations and fastkey [9] for item attributes (local only);
Add iconAdded the ability to select an item, on touch-screen phones, by clicking over its icon;
Add iconAdded the ability to check/uncheck "ALL" in the overwrite/rename dialogbox;
Add iconAdded the ability to protect BlueFTP program with a password;
Add iconAdded the ability to open a file from a compressed archive;
Add iconAdded ZIP decoding support for splitted/spanned archives;
Add iconAdded cover image display on audio player;
Add iconAdded the ability to search folders too;
Add iconAdded the abilito to register BlueFTP;
Add iconAdded Ukrainian language;
Add iconAdded Romanian language;
Add iconAdded Polish language;
Add iconAdded Arabic language;
Improve iconImproved JAR/JAD/SIS/COD file download/extraction on some devices;
Improve iconImproved AUDIO and VIDEO file loading speed on local filesystem;
Improve iconImproved internal AUDIO and VIDEO players;
Improve iconImproved content-type detection of media;
Improve iconImproved overall program compatibility;
Improve iconImproved Bluetooth ON/OFF detection;
Bug iconFixed cold reset of some Sony devices when trying to upload files into Nokia phones (S40);
Bug iconFixed unexpected search termination when a security exception is thrown;
Bug iconFixed Bluetooth AUDIO and VIDEO streaming crash on some devices;
Bug iconFixed key detection troubles with BenQ-Siemens phones;
Bug iconFixed filesystem access bug on some devices;
Bug iconFixed directory size on item informations;
Bug iconFixed minor graphic bugs;
Bug iconFixed Chinese language.

Release version Version 1.36
Improve iconImproved Infrared compatibility and stability;
Bug iconFixed loading error (critical) on some devices without Bluetooth API;
Bug iconFixed Slovak language;
Bug iconFixed Hindi language.

Release version Version 1.35
Add iconAdded the support for Infrared connections, only if target device supports OBEX over IRCOMM switch (experimental)
Add iconAdded the ability to force an opening of a file as text and/or as binary;
Add iconAdded percentile values on volume information size;
Add iconAdded internal HEX file viewer (binary files);
Add iconAdded better control over critical errors;
Improve iconImproved language selection screen also for small sized display devices;
Improve iconImproved text encoding detecting algorithm;
Improve iconImproved loading speed on slow devices;
Bug iconFixed bold font size bug on some devices;
Bug iconFixed pictures bug on some devices.

Release version Version 1.30
Add iconAdded the ability to transfer JAR/JAD/SIS files from Bluetooth to local device also with Nokia phones, but you must rename those files, once downloaded, using your Nokia file manager (aka "Gallery");
Add iconAdded the "search files" feature on both local and Bluetooth filesystems;
Add iconAdded Norwegian language;
Add iconAdded Swedish language;
Add iconAdded Czech language;
Add iconAdded Hindi language;
Bug iconFixed menu benchmark algorithm to find best-fit background mode (blur);
Bug iconFixed cut bug on local filesystem: files were not deleted from screen;
Bug iconFixed web pages are now opened as text with the internal viewer;
Bug iconFixed a dirty graphic bug on some devices (dialog-boxes);
Bug iconFixed clipboard with deleted items issue;
Bug iconFixed some minor bugs;
Improve iconImproved file name of some remote files (alias);
Improve iconImproved cut/copy feature on local filesystem;
Improve iconImproved download and upload stability.

Release version Version 1.25
Add iconAdded the ability to send files also using the Object Push Profile (OBEX OPP);
Add iconAdded Azeri language (thanks to Vusal);
Add iconAdded Slovak language (thanks to Peter -;
Bug iconFixed touch-screen and fullscreen mode bug: you can now turn back to normal mode using close icon on top-left corner;
Bug iconFixed "out of memory" crash problem, after the opening of a big image, on some Nokia devices.

Release version Version 1.20
Improve iconImproved internal image viewer with a smooth scaling algorithm: zoom in and out are now supported (icons disappear after 3 seconds);
Improve iconImproved icon search detail of remote Bluetooth devices;
Improve iconImproved touch-screen accept/close button;
Improve iconImproved graphical icons;
Add iconAdded different icons for special system folders: music, videos, images, private, memory card, etc...;
Add iconAdded alias name of local root folders, when available;
Bug iconFixed internal media viewer bug on some devices, when played from a Bluetooth stream and no enough memory available;
Bug iconFixed volume size information bug on some devices (long bug).

Release version Version 1.15
Add iconAdded touch screen support;
Change iconChanged menu/dialog arrow icons (scroll);
Bug iconFixed key handler bug on internal viewer;
Bug iconFixed language requests every 2 launches;
Bug iconFixed cut&copy menu items: disabled issue;
Bug iconFixed audio/video player content-type issue;
Bug iconFixed unclosed resources of audio/video player;
Bug iconFixed task-switch key and internal viewer issue;
Bug iconFixed (definitely) the "Unterminated entity ref" bug;
Bug iconFixed Sony K850, C902, K630 and all Java Platform 8 graphics bugs.

Release version Version 1.10
Add iconAdded the ability to "Open item" also from a Bluetooth device (with progress);
Add iconAdded a simple text file viewer;
Add iconAdded Theme file extensions;
Add iconAdded Portuguese language;
Change iconChanged "Open item" and "Enter folder" menu entries (now fused togheter);
Change iconChanged key handling engine: completely reviewed;
Change iconChanged language selection screen: now showed at the first launch;
Bug iconFixed "Uri is not valid" bug on some Nokia devices;
Bug iconFixed "Unterminated entity ref" bug on some Sony devices;
Bug iconFixed XML parser bug on some devices (UTF-8 reader);
Bug iconFixed file size bug of some file downloads;
Bug iconFixed FTP bug of LG KF750 (Secret) phones;
Bug iconFixed unchanged icon when file is renamed;
Bug iconFixed "Cancel" device command (search bug);
Bug iconFixed empty paste bug on remote files list;
Bug iconFixed Bluetooth ON/OFF bug (check disabled);
Bug iconFixed repeated keys bug for select/unselect;
Bug iconFixed Russian language bug on some devices;
Bug iconFixed Hungarian language.

Release version Version 1.00
Sun iconSigned with VeriSign and Thawte certificates;
Add iconAdded the ability to open some files with an internal viewer: images, music & videos;
Add iconAdded languages: French, Chinese, Dutch and Russian;
Add iconAdded fastkey icons to menu system: better visual detection;
Add iconAdded fastkeys for COPY (key 1) and PASTE (key 3) features;
Improve iconImproved language handling system;
Improve iconImproved select/unselect menu item;
Bug iconFixed Bluetooth ON/OFF bug;
Bug iconFixed download/upload refresh bug;
Bug iconFixed menu width bug;
Bug iconFixed pages font centering bug;
Bug iconFixed DialogBox buttons size bug;
Bug iconFixed disk size bug (wrong fixed in previous version).

Release version Version 0.99
Add iconAdded Spanish language;
Add iconAdded Hungarian language (translation by YCE);
Add iconAdded auto-update feature;
Improve iconImproved menu graphics;
Bug iconFixed disk size bug.

Release version Version 0.98
Add iconAdded cut, copy and paste features;
Add iconAdded German language (translation by Daniel aka Einstein).

Release version Version 0.97
Improve iconImproved Bluetooth and File APIs detection algorithm;
Improve iconImproved background menu effect;
Bug iconFixed menu background bug (on some devices);
Bug iconFixed transparency bug (on some devices).

Release version Version 0.96
Improve iconImproved usability of dialog boxes;
Improve iconImproved pictures readability;
Bug iconFixed menu bar refresh bug;
Bug iconFixed runtime exception on some devices;
Change iconChanged icon and color of file list position marker.

Release version Version 0.95
Change iconChange license type to freeware.

Release version Version 0.90
Sun iconFirst public BETA release.


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