Windows8Menu : Get Windows 8 Like Menu Experience in Windows 7

W indows 7 was the jail-breaking OS from windows, Here they have show new capabilities. Almost everything was ‘changed’ here. So some people...


Windows 7 was the jail-breaking OS from windows, Here they have show new capabilities. Almost everything was ‘changed’ here. So some people thought that there might be nothing new in the upcoming version. But Microsoft has proven them wrong. Again they are showing new possibilities through the unreleased “Windows 8”. 

The recently held Microsoft D9 conference revealed many new features of upcoming Windows 8. Amongst all the features and UI related enhancements, replacement of classic Windows Start Menu with Windows 8 Side Menu is the most significant. It adds a tile at the right side of the screen, allowing you to access Share, Connect, Search, and many other features. This newly designed Start Menu is however for Windows 8 tablets, but according to official dev. community it will going to work smoothly on PCs running Windows 8 as well. It not only revamps the whole way to initiate system search but offers direct access to your most favored web links and apps too. If you’re a Windows enthusiast and can’t wait to use newly released Windows 8 Start search on Windows 7, Windows8Menu is a Windows 7 application that emulates somewhat similar design and functionality of Windows 8 Start Menu.

It must be noted here that application is in pre-alpha stage, therefore, you may encounter some interface and functionality related bugs. It uses a bunch of images as background screens which can be replaced anytime. Open the downloaded package followed by pics folder to replace the wallpapers with your images. In pics folder, you can replace user.bmp with your profile picture. After you’ve replaced the images, run Win8Menu executable file with administrative privileges to get a preview of Window 8 tablet UI.


The interface is highly flexible in terms of swiping windows around for accessing different features. To access Start menu, move to mouse to extreme right side to reveal the Windows 8 Start tile. As of now, Connect, Settings, and Search are not implemented. Swipe the screen in upward direction to access quick web links and apps in full-screen mode. Here, you will find your favorite websites, such as, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, BBC, etc. The Google search bar is also present to quickly initiate web search. You will see profile picture at top-right corner of the screen.



The video below shows all the features of Windows8Menu with a brief usage demonstration.


When you want to access your desktop, press Esc or Alt + F4 on the keyboard. You can access the main Windows 8 Start screen by clicking Start button in tile present at right side of the screen.



Download Windows8Menu

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