Blog Summary Week 30, 2011 : 17 Featuring Post For This Week

S o as per you can see another week has passed and now it's time to make a summary of the previous. And with your help, we have grown ...

So as per you can see another week has passed and now it's time to make a summary of the previous. And with your help, we have grown further more. Thanks for being with us, and don't leave us please. Okay now let's know what happened this week in our blog. This week we got 40 more amazing posts and we have selected 17 (7 From Windows, 7 From Mobile and 3 From Internet & Other) of them as featured. Don't forget to read them all.

Windows & PC

CustomExplorerToolbar For Windows : Add Or Remove Buttons From Explorer Toolbar

There is a long way to customize Windows 7 Explorer toolbar by a editing registry and then rebooting the system and then tweaking the system again to be successful. For me it looks like a hazardous to be done. If you're not liking to follow this long steps, then there’s a simple software for you called CustomExplorerToolbar can do it for you through some single click. This app developed by Nirsoft focusing to make it easy for all users. You just have to select ready-made utility buttons and then add them Windows 7 Explorer toolbar without having to manually editing registry keys or rebooting the system. Custom Explorer Toolbar is a brand new Nirsoft application that can be used to customize the Windows Explorer toolbar under Windows 7. The program has been designed to only work under Windows 7, it won’t work under Windows Vista or XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the operating system are supported.
This application allows you to add or remove buttons in no time, which means you do not have too the book system after adding or removing anything, simply just need to refresh the Windows Explorer window.

Volume2 Let’s You Control System Volume In Windows

Do you know that there is a for Windows software that will let you have control over system volume via mouse or via your own assigned hotkey? Also do you want to get cool and stylish volume slider on your desktop? There's a software called Volume2 which will allow you to control your system volume settings and configuration easily. Volume2 is an advanced Windows audio mixer, a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control. This application lets you easily change the sound volume just by rotating the mouse wheel or by using keyboard hot keys or just mouse move on screen border. It includes an audio mixer with advanced volume controls support, a scheduler, an on-screen display, command line support, the ability to store and recall different unlimited presets via one mouse click or system-wide hot keys. Support many languages such as: English, Russian, Greek, Chines, Armenian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belorussian. It also has a cool user interface and a changeable skin manager to make your PC more attractive. There is also a system tray balloon that shows volume and quick access bar. It can control volume by hovering over or sliding mouse over the slide on the screen. Seems cool? Then click read more to get the full information.

Tutorial For mcBackup 3.0 : Backup & Restore Your MC Lineup and Recordings

Many Windows 7 Media Center users will have a point where they need to backup important information and settings for their Media Center machine. Information such as custom TV listings, recording schedules and certain plugin and meta data can take a fair amount of time to setup. Certainly no one enjoys missing a favorite show due to a reformat followed by forgetting to reset the schedule for that show. Ian Dixon, of The Digital Lifestyle and Made for Media Center, may just have the solution. mcBackup 3.0 can not only backup your setup but it can even be scheduled to do so regularly and for free. This handy utility will backup WMC scheduled recordings,channel lineups, and Recoded TV . The current version is currently a Beta and is only designed to work with Windows 7 Media Center and does work with extenders. There are versions for 32 & 64-bit systems so download and install the one which is right for your system (links below). Make sure you’re closed out of WMC and run through the installer as normal accepting the defaults. Join us after the break for complete tutorial.

MetroTwit For Windows : A Cool MetroUI Based Twitter Client

There are plenty of Twitter clients available for Windows and we have already shared two of them called TweetDeck (an air-based software) and TwitKit (Firefox extension). I have to admit that I am not a regular Twitter user but I do use Twitter in several cases. And I always like something gorgeous. Well TweetDeck isn't bad at all, it provides several features that will make your Twitter uses simple and handy. But MetroTwit is simply a cool Twitter client that uses Metro UI. The design of MetroTwit is inspired by the Microsoft Metro design language. It provides an elegant and clean user interface is beautiful to look and also a pleasure to use. It looks simple because it is simple. This Twitter client has all the features expected in on one Twitter client. According to the development team the application is kept overly simple with intuitively designed Multi-planed user interface to tweet, view, and manage your timeline, send direct messages, reply to your peeps, view current trends, categorize favorite tweets and retweets, and lot more. Simply this is one of the best Twitter client I have ever used. So join us after the break for more information.

Dropbox Guide To Use in PC Part 1 : For Windows, Mac And Linux

Dropbox is a great web based file hosting service. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android too. Dropbox let’s you carry your world with your pc or mobile wherever you go. Don’t miss anything! Store easily, carry everything and share instantly! The basic concept of Dropbox is, if you store any file under “Dropbox” folder (which will be created after installing Dropbox software) then the file will automatically be stored in all of your device if they are also connected with Dropbox. So you can simply have all of your data stored anywhere you want. Those files will also be stored in Dropbox website and you can check them using your log in information. So you need not to worry about carrying your PC everywhere and also will never be a victim of data loss! It’s the best and easiest method for online file sharing we have ever found. It allow users a lot of features which are merely available on paid service too. If you are a Noob with Dropbox, you can check our basic Dropbox Guides Here. In this topic, we are focusing on Dropbox’s Windows app problems, confusions and F,A,Q’s. Previously we have discussed about how to get started with it. Now for PC user, it’s a must to read. So get ready and join us after the break.

Tutorial To Convert And Rip Entire DVD To XviD or MKV : Simplest And The Easiest Method

Have you ever tried to convert a full DVD movie and store it on your PC? Using any “DVD Converter” you can di it. But they will take a lot of time and also they wont include subtitles. Also they will be huge in size too. So how you can be able to convert a movie and store them? Can you able to reduce it’s size to 300-700 MB without losing the quality? And also about subtitle. How can I rip a movie with subtitle? Here I am giving you all the answers. So join with us.

FairUse Wizard 3D is the key tool we will use here. It’s available as both free and pro version. It uses the DivX, Xvid, h.264, ffVFW or x264 codec to convert DVD to an AVI/MKV file. It comes in both a free version and commercial version. The free, or “Light” version, can create files up 700MB while the commercial version can output a 1400MB file. This will allow you to back up your movies to CD, or even multiple movies on a single DVD. FairUse Wizard states that it does not work on copy protected discs, but we’ve seen it work on all but some of the most recent copy protection. For this tutorial we’re using the free Light Edition of “FairUse Wizard 3D” to convert a DVD to AVI. They also offer a commercial version that you can get for $29.99 and it offers even more encoding possibilities for converting video to you portable digital devices.

So we are showing you how to take over this task step by step. Join us after the break.

How To Change The User Interface Language In Windows 7 or Vista

Would you like to change the user interface language in any edition of Windows 7 or Vista on your computer?  Here’s a free app that can help you do this quickly and easily. If your native language is not the one most spoken in your area, you’ve likely purchased a PC with Windows preinstalled with a language that is difficult or impossible for you to use.  Windows 7 and Vista Ultimate include the ability to install multiple user interface languages and switch between them. However, all other editions are stuck with the language they shipped with. With the free Vistalizator app, you can add several different interface languages to any edition of Vista or Windows 7 and easily switch between them. Matthew at How-To Geek gives us the solution.

Note:  In this test, we used an US English copy of both Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista Home Premium, and it works the same on any edition. The built-in language switching in the Ultimate Editions lets you set a user interface language for each user account, but this will only switch it for all users.



LauncherPro For Android : A Perfect & Cool Homescreen Replacement App

LauncherPro Android App in a home screen replacement app that is a fork from the stock launcher from Android 2.1 (Éclair). By default you have 3 home screens which is configurable to up to 7 in the Settings menu. Along the lower section are convenient icons with quick links to Phone, Contacts, Android Apps Launcher Drawer, Messaging, and Browser apps. The latest release added numbered notification icons for new text messages, missed calls and new emails. When you open the Android Apps launcher drawer, apps are presented similar to Android 2.1 launcher only difference is the cool 3D roll effect is missing however LauncherPro features a faster and much smoother scroll..convenient when you have a lot of apps. One of Android’s biggest strengths is unquestionably its modularity - almost every aspect of Google’s OS is a separate entity and that means parts can be improved or replaced by third-party applications or programs. Launcher Pro is one such example. It replaces the stock launcher application – which is essentially the part of the OS which allows you to open up other apps and browse your home screens – and adds in extra functionality. However, the way in which Launcher Pro operates will make it instantly familiar to anyone who has previously used Android. Your home screens still do what they’ve always done and your applications drawer still works as you would expect it to. Even the way in which you place shortcuts onto home screens and apply different wallpapers is identical. The most obvious change is the ability to boost the number of home screens up to a maximum of seven. If you have a phone which is equipped with HTC’s Sense user interface then this won’t seem like much of a big deal, but “stock” Android users will be over the moon at the additional space available; even the most recent update – Android 2.2 – only offers 5 different screens. Another element which is inspired heavily by Sense is the home screen overview option. Using a “pinch-zoom” command you can pull back your view to show all of your home screens at once. A second tap will allow you to select which one you wish to visit. It’s very much like the “Expose” feature on Apple’s home computers and counts as a seriously impressive feature. The final major difference is the dock at the bottom of the display. Here you can store four shortcuts to various elements of the phone, as well as a fifth (mandatory) slot for your application drawer link. Lets read for more info.

Visidon AppLock Comes With Cool Face Recognition Unlock System For Android

Visidon AppLock provides face recognition system to unlock your protected applications onAndroid device. Protecting the private files on a mobile device from others often needed more attractions. I presume  that more or less, everyone tries to protect their data from others. As far as I can see most users use lockscreen password, Pin, text or privacy. I need not to say that giving password every time you try to access protected files can be boring and quite hassling, especially if you're looking to protect only a selected of a device like contacts, personal photos or messages. If your phone has front facing camera, then you can use a new app called Visidon AppLock. Visidon AppLock is a free tool that eliminates the need for going through said ordeal over and over again. The app allows you to lock any number of apps and set one or more faces as passkeys for unlocking them. So join us of the way for more information.

Fool Your Facebook Friend With Status Via From Your Android

Did you ever wanted to fool your Facebook friends like, hey! I've just bought a new phone. Do you want to check this out? Look I'm updating your status from a cool device. Well you don't need to have an iPhone to update the status from iPhone in Facebook. There is an web-based service called Statusvia which will allow you to fool your friends by updating your status from more than 4500 devices. Now here's a good Android users, Statusvia is now available on Android Market. So set up, get ready to fool your friends! Note: It's not related with the Web-based service "Statusvia" but it works look like that.

Android Revealed–Ultimate Tips 4 : How To Set Up A Fully Automated Backup

In an ideal world, your Android's apps, their settings, and your system settings would automatically back up to the cloud so that if you lost your phone, bought a new one, or installed a new custom ROM, setting up a fresh device with everything in place would be a piece of cake. The good news: This utopian Android backup actually is possible. Here's how to set it up. Thanks toWHITSON GORDON @LifeHacker for this amazing tutorial. We back up our computers religiously, but our phones are often neglected. There are tons of situations in which you may want to have your phone backed up. Perhaps you uninstalled an app and deleted its settings, only to decide that you want it back. Perhaps you've picked up a new phone, or you've flashed a new custom ROM and you don't feel like reinstalling all your apps and reconfiguring everything from scratch. An app called Titanium Backup saves you from these annoyances and more, by backing up all your apps and settings to your SD card (or to the cloud via Dropbox) and restoring them worry-free. You can even schedule backups, set them, and forget them until you need that data back. It's one of the best apps an Android user could have in their toolbox, and if you aren't using it, you really should. Here, this is the 4th post on Android Ultimate Tips series. So join us after the break for full tutorial.

Turbo Speed for Internet, UC Browser 7.8 for Android Release

It has been almost one year from the last release of the UC Browser English Version for Android in UC 7.2. With the new release and more than 10 million monthly active users, UC Browser keeps its leading position in Android market, continue to compete with the major players, like Opera Mini, Dolphin & Skyfire. There are a lot of internet browsers available for both Android and Java. So why we recommending you to use UC Browser? Well there’s a reason behind this. UC Browser is the most popular mobile web browser, that’s not something we have decided. That’s what users’ voted in “About.Com”. You got to love this browser. Recently, yesterday, they have released the latest version 7.8 for Android, Java, Symbian and Windows Phone. UC Browser combined web browsing, web searching, web navigating, downloading and other features. UC Mobile have focused on mobile browser field, and got a fulfilled technique accumulation. UC Browser has better URL inputting, page rendering, uploading and downloading, data compressing and more assistant feature than any other competitors. In's 2011 reader's choice election, UC Browser has got most votes than Opera Mini, Firefox mobile, Dolphin Browser and Bolt. Try it and let it be your daily choice! This version comes with a few major and some minor updates. UC Browser is free to use and it’s ad free too. Java version still not satisfies me completely, but nothing to say about android version. It’s simply just amazing. You can check our own review about UC Browser from here. Now here, we are publishing UC’s official review as per request.

Google Maps For Java : Enjoy Beyond Your Capability

Comparing with other phones in this time, if you use a java phone, your’s device will look sluggish and boring too. Now time for Android. Here’s also Windows Phone 7, iPhone and don’t forget about Symbian too!. So where’s the place for java? Yeah, it will seem useless. But here’s something for java that you can hardly imagine. It’s Google Maps. Google always try to do something extraordinary, something beyond imagination, Google Maps for java is a wonderful creation of them. Can you ever imagine that you have a almost G.P.S like map on you normal Java phone which doesn’t have GPS device? I think no, This app also have many other features. We will be there in no time.

Google Maps for mobile lets you carry the power of Google Maps in your pocket, so you don't get lost on your travels. It's not always practical to carry a map around with you to help you get to where your going. If you find yourself getting lost on a regular basis, or if you're a keen traveler then Google Maps for mobile is the one for you. Besides offering digital urban road maps and satellite views, Google Maps for mobile furnishes you with a bevy of other cool features. Built on the popular online app, Google Maps for mobile includes an address search with location determination and a built-in route planner. The zoom function is arguably easier to handle than on a PC, through clever use of the joystick or soft keys. If you have GPS functionality on your phone, then Google Maps for mobile is even better because it can show you your current position on the screen. The search in Google Maps for mobile is as straightforward as ever and also allows you to look for points of interest such as cinemas, shops or restaurants, although the frequency of these will vary depending on where in the World you're looking at. You can even program your own favorites, so that you never need to forget where that nice bar you visited was. The latest version of the app now comes with Street View, so you can get a really close view of major cities.

Android Rapid Snap : Switch Language Easily With Quick Locale

Do you change your Android phone’s language constantly via device’s language setting and find it uncomfortable to maintain each and every process. Or have this question ever comes to your mind that how can I switch language quickly and easily in my Android? Then you should try Quick Locale. Quick Locale is an Android app that enables you to quickly switch among multiple languages with just a tap. The app is a handy tool for people who are constantly required to work with different languages. Whether you are a language student or a dedicated travelling operative or just a normal Android user, Quick locale allows a quick switch to the preferred language in no time at all. Quick Locale, in the app launcher is a list of all available languages to change to. Easily reducing the time needed to go through the Settings app. Quick Locale is also a widget. Quick Locale Free Edition contains only a 3x1 widget, but you can select up to 3 languages to put on the widget. Afterwards, just click on the language and your device's language is changed! Simple and Easy. For a bonus, you can add the Full List of languages to the widget. You'll see it at the bottom of the list. The languages available comes from the pre-installed languages on the device. It will not support any language not on the device or will it exclude any. This app's main purpose is to conveniently switch between the languages in the device. So join us after the break for more.


Internet And Others

TwitKit+ For Firefox : Manage Your Twitter From The Sidebar

If you are a Twitter addicted and looking for an easy way to manage your Twitter account, then we have a good news for you. Do you use Firefox? There’s a cool extension available for Firefox named “TwitKit+” which will allow you to access your Twitter account for Firefox sidebar! It’s really cool to try, isn’t it? It offers Following and addition of a following button and Addition of user information display button too. When the table on the user is displayed, the user's comment list is acquired at the same time.Additionally, it will Display of reply-to, Correspondence of in-reply-to (reply former message) transmission,Correction of in-reply-to link, Reply former message ID display and more. You can List and favorite your twitter fans, profile and also you can access to Twitter search. Join us after the break for more info.

Getting Started With Dropbox Part 1 : The Best Free File Sharing Option

Dropbox is a great web based file hosting service. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android too. Dropbox let’s you carry your world with your pc or mobile wherever you go. Don’t miss anything! Store easily, carry everything and share instantly! The basic concept of Dropbox is, if you store any file under “Dropbox” folder (which will be created after installing Dropbox software) then the file will automatically be stored in all of your device if they are also connected with Dropbox. So you can simply have all of your data stored anywhere you want. Those files will also be stored in Dropbox website and you can check them using your log in information. So you need not to worry about carrying your PC everywhere and also will never be a victim of data loss! It’s the best and easiest method for online file sharing we have ever found. It allow users a lot of features which are merely available on paid service too. If you are a Noob with Dropbox, you can check our basic Dropbox Guides Here. In this topic, we are focusing on Dropbox’s getting started problems and F,A,Q’s. So get ready and join us after the break.

Android Talk : Death by Lawsuit?

The great platform war has now shifted. Once it was a constant battle between Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s OS X, but with the rise in smartphones, it’s become a three-way split between those two mammoths of technology, and the search engine giant Google. However, it seems like a truce is being formed between Microsoft and Apple, purely for the purpose of sinking the good ship Android by filling them with lawsuits. The very unique selling point of Android – its open source nature – might end up being its downfall as hardware makers are forced to pay up.

Note: Article By Connor Turnbull @App Storm

Android is Everywhere

Google has became the clear leader in the smartphone world, with Android significantly overtaking other rival platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone 7. In my own immediate family, the four smartphones used between myself, my parents and my sister consist of two that are powered by Google’s operating system. Like Windows, Android is available on a number of handsets produced by different manufacturers without the severe limits imposed by rival platforms.

Apple loves control. If you want iOS, you buy an iPhone. If you want OS X, you buy a Mac. This allows Apple to tightly control the success of their business because they have ultimate power over how their software is being used. However, on Google’s side, the hardware makers have a significant investment in the final product. This might mean you get a cheaper phone, or one that’s got the specifications you want, but it also means that, due to the diverse nature of the handsets, there’s many more opportunities for Google’s business to be damaged because they are reliant on these manufacturers. If the sales of a major player’s phones are dropped, Google loses money.

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