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S o we are now on the eve of ending 28th week in this year. Another 7 days have been passed from our lifetime. In this week, we have discu...

That's The Best Of abct in This Week

So we are now on the eve of ending 28th week in this year. Another 7 days have been passed from our lifetime. In this week, we have discussed about many great topic. Here’s a key list of the. In this article, you can have the summary of this week and the best post links from our blog. For this week we have selected 16 post ( 6 in Windows, 8 in Mobile and 2 in Mac). Please don’t forget to check them all.


1. Tutorial To Convert And Rip Entire DVD To XviD or MKV : Simplest And The Easiest Method

Have you ever tried to convert a full DVD movie and store it on your PC? Using any “DVD Converter” you can di it. But they will take a lot of time and also they wont include subtitles. Also they will be huge in size too. So how you can be able to convert a movie and store them? Can you able to reduce it’s size to 300-700 MB without losing the quality? And also about subtitle. How can I rip a movie with subtitle? Here I am giving you all the answers. So join with us.

FairUse Wizard 3D is the key tool we will use here. It’s available as both free and pro version. It uses the DivX, Xvid, h.264, ffVFW or x264 codec to convert DVD to an AVI/MKV file. It comes in both a free version and commercial version. The free, or “Light” version, can create files up 700MB while the commercial version can output a 1400MB file. This will allow you to back up your movies to CD, or even multiple movies on a single DVD. FairUse Wizard states that it does not work on copy protected discs, but we’ve seen it work on all but some of the most recent copy protection. For this tutorial we’re using the free Light Edition of “FairUse Wizard 3D” to convert a DVD to AVI. They also offer a commercial version that you can get for $29.99 and it offers even more encoding possibilities for converting video to you portable digital devices.

So we are showing you how to take over this task step by step. Join us after the break.

2. CCleaner For Windows : Tiny Tool To Clear And Wipe Junk File Easily

Can you remember CrapCleaner released in 2005? Well I haven't bought my PC even! CrapCleaner was the 1st afford from Piriform. Now it has already passed a long way and got it’s position in the world of tech with “CCleaner”. Recently Piriform released the 3rd version of CCleaner, which includes new advance features and options to enhance the overall cleaning process. According to Piriform, major changes includes 64-bit native EXE written for x64 systems, Drive Wiper tool to securely erase content to free up space on drives, and cleaning support forHTML5 database storage and for MS Silverlight isolated storage.CCleaner is a famous tool which is widely used for cleaning junk files. It has recently added support for Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, as well as many more applications. CCleaner 3 doesn't disappoint on that front, introducing two major new features that make it worth the upgrade.

One is a drive wiping tool that can wipe all the data from your hard drive, but can also scrub only the available free space. As with many of the tools in CCleaner, it's fairly nuanced and allows for a simple one-pass overwrite, a Department of Defense-level three-pass option, a National Security Administration-level seven-pass cleaning, and a 35-pass Gutmann-level deep scrub. The more passes you select, the slower the deletion process. Another key improvement to CCleaner 3 has been adding more options to pre-existing features. You can now select specific Internet cookies to keep, across all your browsers, while CCleaner deletes the rest in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The benefit of this is to keep cookies for specific sites that you know to be safe, such as webmail, while getting rid of the rest that you don't want tracking you. Note that your browser must be closed for the cookie-deleting feature to work.

3. Horizon33 Screen Capture Tool : Featuring 5 Modes, 3 Effects & Custom Outputs

There are many Screenshot application available for Windows. Among them, this tiny, freeware application might have missed by your eye. I too come to know about it today but it’s worth of a big place! Horizon33 is a screenshot tool that offers 5 ways in which screenshots can be taken; Capture Full-Screen, Capture Active Windows, Capture Region, Capture Object, and Capture Fixed Region. Just like previously featured Greenshot, which attempts to replace Windows default Printscreen function, it maps Printscreen function key with its full screen capture feature. Amongst all the provided features it’s offer,crop objects off the window and snap screen from defined area are most significant; the former feature allows user to quickly take snap of different UI objects from the interface of app window while the latter provides a convenient way to snap everything that falls into specified area on the screen. These features make it unique from the rest of screenshot taking applications available out there.

Coming back to other complementary features, it can apply Grayscale and Invert color effects over the captured image, while watermark and resizing options enable you to overlay image and resize captured images before saving them, respectively. You can also send captured image to default email client in order to attach it with emails. Furthermore, you won’t have to manually set Save to options every time before changing locations. It lets you easily switch between image saving options, including, Email and MS Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel from Save Output menu in system tray.

After installation, it sits in system tray, waiting for you to either use pre-defined hotkey combinations or choose screen snapping modes from the menu. Along with screen capturing mode, you can choose output format and apply effects over the images on-the-fly from its system tray menu.

4. Helium Audio Converter For Windows : Convert Audio Files And Analyze For Errors

Helium Audio Converter is a tool which enables you to quickly and easily convert files between different audio formats and bit-rate qualities. Helium Audio Converter not only converts the audio data between different formats, it also converts the tag data. It can analyze the input and resulting files (applies to MP3 and FLAC) and let you know if any of the files contain problems. Helium Audio Converter is a feature rich audio converter with the ability to analyze damaged files. What makes it different from common audio converters is it’s powerful inspection tool which can be used to analyze Mp3 and Flac files before converting them. You can also set options to specify how conflicting file names should be managed. For instance, it can be specified if source files should be deleted after conversion and whether a warning should be given when converting from an inferior to a better format.

5. Tutorial To Use MaryFi : Turn Windows 7 Computer Into Wi-Fi Hotspot

MaryFi is a free and easy to use software router for Windows 7 computers. With Maryfi, users can wirelessly share any Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, music players, and gaming systems can see and join your Maryfi hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption.

MaryFi is a software router for Windows 7 computers which is meant to turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can easily share your Internet connection originating from a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. It provides many additional options which compliment the Wi-Fi connection sharing process. For example, unlike MHotSpot, MaryFi enables setting a custom username and password for your Wi-Fi hotspot, and provides a how to use guide (in PDF format). With this easy to use application, you can share your wireless internet connection with laptops, smart phones, music players, and even gaming systems. MaryFi works with both secure and unprotected wireless networks.

6. Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 : Bringing Full Windows 8 Experience

Windows 8 is undoubtedly the most discussed Computer OS though it hasn’t yet released by Microsoft Inc. There are tons of news, leaked photos, discussion all over the virtual world about Windows 8. So I can’t make up sometimes which one to believe and which one to not. Which are actual truth and which are just rumors. But as I have seen in leaked photos and videos of Windows 8, I can confirm you that you are getting an unbelievable visual experience. So there’s our curiosity, how it will look like, how it make us amazed. Although it has been confirmed that Microsoft has plans to launch its new version of Windows – Windows 8 in Mid 2011 and the work is already under progress yet this is not the right time to talk about Windows 8. There is no information available on Windows 8 including any of its features or GUI till date. But Windows fans have already started dreaming of Windows 8. Specially designers have already started designing the future Windows 8 GUI based on their imagination or prediction whatever you want to call it. So many Windows 8 styles have been produced. I have already shared one of name “Windows8Menu”. I don’t know whether you tried it or not, but I did not liked it very much. Because its nothing but simple menu and it was offering only few thing. So I was unsatisfied and keep searching more. Then I found one yesterday, and I already liked it!


1. UC Player Updated v3.0 For Symbian and v3.1 For Android : English Trans Here

UC player is a free video streaming player software, is the UC, as the technology development of a free UC browser functionality extension. Friends of the Friends of the UC player can play on your phone directly to a variety of online videos, film, music and live in television.


1. Associated with the system online media player, video playback support system called UC online video.
2. Continuous play online video album.
3. Fullscreen playback mode prompt screen.
4. Support for local video manually sort the list.
5. Increase the local video file properties view.

2. Android Revealed – Ultimate Tips 3 : How to Clean Up Your Phone’s Home Screen!

One of the major difference of Android from other mobile OS is it’s homescreen. You can do whatever you want! That’s great to have a such option. But it’s one of the major compliance about android too. As I have read in few places, users are saying that Android is its lack of aesthetic appeal or polish, especially compared to that of iOS and even (or perhaps, especially) Windows Phone 7. While Android isn’t by any means ugly, it almost certainly seems to lack that special something its competitors have. That perhaps “logical”. Because if you give a look at Windows Phone 7’s home screen, you will be stunned for a while! But it doesn’t means that Android will fall back here. As it’s “Android”, you can have a solution for this too. However, thanks to the flexibility of the Android platform, this doesn’t have to be the case. By employing the right launcher and widgets, you’ll find yourself with a layout that’s not only attractive, but more importantly, functional in all the ways your home screen is now. Sound interesting? Let’s get started.

3. Nemus Launcher For Android : With Cool New App Drawer & Folder Widget Concepts

From the developer of (previously reviewed) Regina Launcher for Android comes yet another innovative home screen replacement application. Nemus Launcher for Android boasts a simple yet attractive interface and quite a few handy new features, including a unique, customizable folder widget for organizing app shortcuts on your home screen and a couple of amazing new app drawer features that make browsing through scores of apps a lot less frustrating. The launcher runs a little slow while switching between home screens and entering/exiting the app drawer. However, this (hopefully temporary) disadvantage is easily overshadowed by its enhanced functionality and ease of use. Itching to know more? Please read more

4. Google Maps For Java : Enjoy Beyond Your Capability

Comparing with other phones in this time, if you use a java phone, your’s device will look sluggish and boring too. Now time for Android. Here’s also Windows Phone 7, iPhone and don’t forget about Symbian too!. So where’s the place for java? Yeah, it will seem useless. But here’s something for java that you can hardly imagine. It’s Google Maps. Google always try to do something extraordinary, something beyond imagination, Google Maps for java is a wonderful creation of them. Can you ever imagine that you have a almost G.P.S like map on you normal Java phone which doesn’t have GPS device? I think no, This app also have many other features. We will be there in no time.

Google Maps for mobile lets you carry the power of Google Maps in your pocket, so you don't get lost on your travels. It's not always practical to carry a map around with you to help you get to where your going. If you find yourself getting lost on a regular basis, or if you're a keen traveler then Google Maps for mobile is the one for you. Besides offering digital urban road maps and satellite views, Google Maps for mobile furnishes you with a bevy of other cool features. Built on the popular online app, Google Maps for mobile includes an address search with location determination and a built-in route planner. The zoom function is arguably easier to handle than on a PC, through clever use of the joystick or soft keys. If you have GPS functionality on your phone, then Google Maps for mobile is even better because it can show you your current position on the screen. The search in Google Maps for mobile is as straightforward as ever and also allows you to look for points of interest such as cinemas, shops or restaurants, although the frequency of these will vary depending on where in the World you're looking at. You can even program your own favorites, so that you never need to forget where that nice bar you visited was. The latest version of the app now comes with Street View, so you can get a really close view of major cities.

5. Google Maps Android Now On 5.7 : Launches Yesterday With Transit Navigation

Google has announced today that it’s releasing Google Maps 5.7 for Android. Less than a month after Google released version 5.6 for Android, the latest version which is due on Android Market some time today, introduces Transit Navigation (Beta), updated access to directions, optimized suggested search results and a photo viewer to Place pages. Google Maps already had navigation functionality, which it says is providing over 12 billion driving and walking directions per year, using GPS technology. With the introduction of Transit Navigation, GPS is used to identify a user’s current location alongside their route, and it alerts them when it’s time to make a transfer.

Google Maps for Android features My Location to see your location on a map, even if you do not have GPS. Driving directions - you do not even have to enter your starting point. Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot, or on bike. View street-level imagery of businesses and turns in directions. Real-time traffic helps you find the fastest route. Search for any business or category of interest. Get turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice output. See your friends' locations and share yours with them. Start Maps and then select Join Latitude. View layers of geographic information (e.g. My Maps, Wikipedia, Transit, Google Buzz), get schedules for public transportation, friend suggestions in Latitude, and snippets of business reviews in the search results.

6. Astro File Manager For Android : Review And How-To

Astro is the most rated file manager by users for Android. Apart from being a file manager, it’s a backup utility and task manager too and all of this are packaged in a single app. On the other hand, add-on modules such as Networking and Bluetooth modules can be installed on the top of it to enhance the overall capabilities. It allows you to manage files on your phone without the need for a computer. Operations you can perform: copy, paste, move, delete, open with other apps, create and folders, etc. What’s convenient about Astro File Manager is the ability to select multiple files to perform actions. Another convenient feature is the ability to Search for files. The app also provides details on Android apps such as package name, version, file size, and even app activities.

As a file manager, files can be searched, edited and added to a bookmark list. It can backup your default and third party apps to SD card. It can also extract zip and tar files to phone memory or the SD card. Process manager or Task killer is another key feature of Astro. Apps, services and processes can be stopped, at the same time giving user key details of CPU and memory usage. ASTRO File Manager Android App features the ability to backup Android Apps to SD card… aband-aid for the loud public cry from Android users who want to free up low internal phone memory without Rooting the phone. This means you can backup the installer files (APK) on your SD Card, then you can uninstall the app. Thus freeing up space but removing the app. To reuse the app, you will have to reinstall the app from the backup.

7. LayerDraw For Android : An Awesome Drawing Tool You Should Check

LayerDraw is an image editing program that is optimized for tablets and phones. You can draw images in portrait or landscape mode, create separate layers for each part of an image, set background colors for each layer, move and resize layers, and (on Android 3.0 and above) set the opacity (alpha) for each layer. Create custom Brushes for everything from drawing simple lines to drop-shadowed lines, fill areas, neon effects, fade, re-paint existing lines, color empty areas between other areas, and more. Brushes are also pressure-sensitive -- Press harder to draw wider lines or more intense colors. Flexible, feature-rich and easy to use, LayerDraw for Android is as comprehensive a drawing tool as they come. Equipped with a sizeable assortment of built-in brush presets and the option to create your own, a full color palette with additional tabs for adjusting RGB values and inputting hexadecimal color codes, the option to save work and resume at a later time and the ability to split the canvas into an unlimited number of layers, the app is perhaps already among the best virtual finger-painting tools out there.

8. TouchXperience For Windows Phone 7 - Feel The New Touch Experience

If touch flow was the only thing keeping you from getting the Diamond, then you might want to take a look at TouchXperience. It brings a sort of infinite scrolling to your Diamond and gives you the option to scroll through via 'flicking' the device itself. With the ability to customize your own menu - adding contacts, calendar, or any shortcuts makes this a robust app. It even takes advantage of the built in GPS by acting depending on your location. So when you are out and about reminders will pop up saying buy milk, drop off mail, pick up dry cleaning or whatever it is that you program it for. check out the video how it uses the accelerometer to flip through the phones functions. No word as of yet of a launch date or a price but you can bet were keeping our eyes on this app simply for its coolness.

TouchXperience is the Next Generation User Interface for Windows Mobile, finger friendly and highly customizable, it offers many interesting features: program launcher, contacts manager, home screen, appointments, messaging, task manager, profile and event manager, call log, control panel, communication manager. TouchMenu is probably the most powerful and customizable menu, replacing original Start Menu for an innovative touch interface. TouchMenu supports finger scrolling and gestures, for example you can switch from a menu to another by sliding your finger left/right, or display context menu by a long press on the screen. You can also scroll menus using G-sensor. Each menu has four different views (large list, small list, large grid, small grid). As the rest of the future user interface, TouchMenu has a nice Vista/WM7 look.


1. HideAllApps : Hide All Applications Except Selected Ones In Mac

What would be the best way to mitigate the loss that open applications and workspaces incur over your focus while working on important projects? We sometimes lose focus when working because it requires opening multiple applications and workspaces for getting references and other information. Since minimizing, adjusting or closing each application window greatly disrupts the project work, an application to hide all the inactive or passive application windows after defined amount of time may come extremely handy. One such unique application for Mac is HideAllApps. It’s a miniscule application which sits in system dock, showing all opened applications, workspaces, and Finder windows. You can select any window to keep it always up front on screen while it will hide all the remaining windows automatically after a defined interval.

After launching the application, open Preferences window to set the time interval after which all the non-selected applications will go invisible.

2. Stellarium : A Realistic 3D Sky For Windows, Linux And Mac

If you want to try out an application just for the novelty of it and are an addictive star gazer, then perhaps its time to revisit ancient Sumaria and the mythological skies of ancient Greece.Stellarium, as the name suggests, is a 3D map application of the stars, typically centered on Earth. It provides a window into the abyss of they sky around us and it’s inanimate heavenly bodies. With Stellarium, there is hardly anything that you cannot do when it comes to exploring a map of the sky. It does not merely display random stars but provides in depth information about any star which appears in the map, with the option to view planets, constellations and other details of the Milky Way, with absolute precision.

When Stellarium is launched, you are given a view of the sky from a ground view. You can select a specific country and city with specific longitude and latitude specifications to see what wonders the sky displays in that part of the world. Hovering your mouse at the bottom or the left-hand side, displays a menu containing multiple visibility options. You can move the map in any direction to get a ground view or complete sky view of the sky.

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