Check Details Of All Device Released By Apple Until Now & Compare Product Using Mactracker For Mac & iOS

Apple was established in 1976 and, since it’s first computer model brought revolutionary features to the technological environment. Want to...

Check-Details-Of-All-Device-Released-By-Apple-Until-Now-&-Compare-Product-Using-Mactracker-For-Mac-&-iOSApple was established in 1976 and, since it’s first computer model brought revolutionary features to the technological environment. Want to know what products Apple has ever released, its attributes and even the initial price? The Mactracker is a powerful database for Mac and iOS that provides all information about all the products already launched by the giant Apple - from video games that did not work until the laptop selling. If your friends think you're a walking encyclopedia you need to know the capacity of a processor model 2001 iMac or the price of an iPod Shuffle, then your need is Mactracker. Besides efficient search engine, the database is very organized, separating the products into categories (iMac, Laptops, iPods, printers, etc.). More to read.


Within the main categories, there are subfolders that makes the task even easier to find the attributes of a particular model. 128k to the G5 model, the LC LCD, everything is in Mactracker ready to be unveiled. The program is a true journey through time in which you can find the full attributes of any product that already boasted the famous apple of Steve Jobs. Processor, drives, memory, video card, size, weight, supported versions of the OS, firmware upgrade, price and more. There are many details that will satisfy the curiosity of any Apple fan who never had a chance to see up close a 128k , released in 1984, for example. A bonus is quite interesting that the Mactracker brings images of products, a brief description taken from the Apple Museum and depending on the model, an early demo of the sound - that distinctive sound that you hear every time Do not turn your Mac is fantastic? Any information that you need any Mac product, the Mactracker does not disappoint. And unlike what many think, this database is not just to kill the curiosity of Apple fan, but also works as a manual for the user you want to buy a newer model or check the news for newly launched models.


Mactracker also have a powerful mobile version for iPhone. It also provides same sorts of information's using it’s mobile client.

Check-Details-Of-All-Device-Released-By-Apple-Until-Now-&-Compare-Product-Using-Mactracker-For-Mac-&-iOS-(3)  Check-Details-Of-All-Device-Released-By-Apple-Until-Now-&-Compare-Product-Using-Mactracker-For-Mac-&-iOS-(4)

Mactracker is a free software and works on Mac 10.5.4 or later and iOS 4.0 or later.

Download Mactracker for Mac

Download Mactracker for iPhone

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