Edit, Extract, Manage Security & Transform PDF Files From Right Click Context Menu For Windows

Quick PDF Tools is a great tool to manage and edit PDFs for Windows . It is an AIO PDF utility software that allows you to maintain your PDF...

Edit,-Extract,-Manage-Security-&-Transform-PDF-Files-From-Right-Click-Context-Menu-For-Windows-(6)Quick PDF Tools is a great tool to manage and edit PDFs for Windows. It is an AIO PDF utility software that allows you to maintain your PDF files right from right click context menu. This is not an application, rather then it’s a well-organized form of various commands to allow you to deal with almost all needs of your PDF solution. You can Merge two or more PDF file into one, extract PDF as Image file or TXT file, encrypt PDF file with password to control access even convert the PDF into different types all with this simple tool. The usefulness of it is undeniable, though it may be a basic program that does not require any knowledge about what is a PDF file to use this Quick PDF Tools. Therefore, users who are looking for convenience and security can be happy with Quick PDF Tools. In addition of being fast, the program has no complicated interface - once all actions are done via the context menu of your right mouse button . For reasons like these, programs such as Quick PDF Tools are so popular, do not require specific knowledge and still perform well the tasks which they propose! More to read.


It’s have lot’s of tools to maintain PDF file. Let’s go through some of them. The PDF Preview shows a quick first page preview of your file. The Document Properties tool displays PDF file information like description, security, fonts and more others. You can edit description of that file from here.


Tips: Wondering which font have been used to create that PDF file? Right click on the file and go to Quick PDF Tools>Document Properties and move the Fonts tab. You will find used fonts info.


You can convert PDF files into images or TXT to read if PDF reader isn’t available. In addition to the changes, you can also merge (join) two or more PDF files and create one single PDF file via this.


Quick PDF Tools is able to put a password on your files, it is also able to remove password requirement too. So, just click on the PDF file, and then click on Add Open Password from Security to add a password or click on Remove Open Password to remove the password. This will create a new PDF file.

Quick PDF Tools is a free PDF utility for Windows and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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