Speed Up Download Speed With Resume Supported & Full Featured Free Download Manager Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a totally free great download manager for Windows . Orbit Downloader stands out from other software of it’s kind by offe...

Speed-Up-Download-Speed-With-Resume-Supported-&-Full-Featured-Free-Download-Manager-Orbit-Downloader-[Featured]Orbit Downloader is a totally free great download manager for Windows. Orbit Downloader stands out from other software of it’s kind by offering a comprehensive user experience with easy to understand menu features. All functions can be accessed simply, and any user can use this downloader easily without harassment. In addition to accelerating the download speed of files, the program acts as an efficient way to keep your computer updated. It also have the functions to manage media through the versatile integrated system of tags. In simple words, Orbit Downloader is a brilliant free download manager with download accelerator and browser integration to download videos from online source. More to read.

To get started with Orbit Downloader, download the package and install it first. During installation, it will ask you to download and install Nitro PDF. You can choose not to install it here.


Orbit Downloader is based on P2P (Peer To Peer), which has an advanced multitasking system containing a high quality algorithm. It easily integrates with Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Netscape Navigator allowing you to download automatically downloads of different protocols, such as BT, FTP, HTTP, MMS and RTSP. The magic formula to download files quickly is to break a single data into several smaller pieces, dropping them accordingly. The big difference or Orbit Downloader compared to other managers is it’s algorithm is much more effective.


In addition, the program supports proxy servers, download categories, queue processing and antivirus protection. Just go to Configure antivirus protection from the Tools menu of the program, to engage your favorite antivirus to do automatic scanning after downloading a file. An immense practicality, not to mention the security it provides. Orbit Downloader can be minimized to the system tray beside the Windows clock - providing fast access to its functions. Also, you can also configure your computer to be turned off automatically after completing download queue.


There are two ways to start a download using Orbit Downloader. The first is to copy the address of the file to be downloaded and from the main program window, click on New. Then paste the address into the URL field, select the folder where the file is saved and ready. The second way to download files is much simpler than the previous one which can be done by clicking the right mouse button on the file link to download and choose one of the displayed context menu options: Download by Orbit, Download all by Orbit or Capture Video by Orbit. Now just wait and the file(s) has been downloaded completely.

Orbit Downloader is a great freeware download manager and accelerator tools works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as we successfully tested it on Windows 8 too.

Download Orbit Downloader

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