PixBuilder Is An Easy-To-Use Free Image Editor With Advanced Tools For Windows

PixBuilder Studio is an image editor which could be one of the best free alternate for Windows . It's allows to make small adjustments t...

PixBuilder-Is-An-Easy-To-Use-Free-Image-Editor-With-Advanced-Tools-For-WindowsPixBuilder Studio is an image editor which could be one of the best free alternate for Windows. It's allows to make small adjustments to details to make your photo more like you want it to be, create montages with pictures, retouch images or add a different effect on your photos and leave them with a special touch. PixBuilder Studio is a great alternative for those who want the free opportunity and a simpler application easier to use than a Photoshop. In addition, one of the great advantages is the fact that it does not consume much memory or processing power, allowing its use in the lowest hardware without crashing. PixBuilder’s UI is simple and easy to use, you won’t be needed any extra knowledge or anything to play with it. Tools are grouped by category, so finding them is easy, even for beginners. More to read.


PixBuilder’s photo editor interface is mostly similar with applications such as GIMP (and some simpler as Paint.Net) for Windows. It has the goal to provide you all opportunity to edit your image easily. On the left panel of it’s UI, you will find the basic tools for minor adjustments. In the Menu (at the top of the program), you find the more advanced features.


From the basic tools you will find Brush, Rectangular Marquee, Lasso, Color Fill Tool (bucket), Blender, Move Tool, Round Rect, Text Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Bond (single, magnetic and polygonal), and others. For settings related to color, there are features of brightness, saturation, contrast, invert colors, saturation and remove levels.


The effects available allow blur, leaving the image with a sense of motion, improve sharpness, modify arrays, among others. Besides these functions, you still have a wide variety of filters and have the possibility to work with different types of layers and masks, to get even better results.

PixBuilder is a free and easy to use image editor tool for Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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