Race Around The World With Famous Formula One (F1) Team Red Bull With Red Bull Kart Fighter WT [Android & iOS Game]

Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a fun racing game that puts you in the role of a pilot of the team Red Bull Racing Karts. You travel around the ...

Race-Around-The-World-With-Famous-Formula-One-(F1)-Team-Red-Bull-With-Red-Bull-Kart-Fighter-WT-[Android-&-iOS-Game]-7Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a fun racing game that puts you in the role of a pilot of the team Red Bull Racing Karts. You travel around the world to compete in various circuits against other opponents. Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a game of WT corerida Kart that puts you to drive the cars faster and crazy world. Defending Formula One team Red Bull, you travel to different countries in search of new challenges and points to win the world championship. The gameplay of Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is completely arcade. You can drive the cart using the accelerometer of your gadget or via buttons on the screen. Despite the uncompromising call, control Karts is not easy, requiring a good deal of coordination and reflexes. The graphics of Red Bull Kart Fighter WT are quite simple. The carts are seen from above, in 2D and the backgrounds are almost completely static. Yap, it’s not a 3D game and you might not enjoy the navigation from sky-view, yet a good game. The few animations are limited to the stands. The few visual effects represent the beats and smoke the tires only. In fact, the game presents a set look rather poor. All the sounds of the game follow the same casual appeal of graphics and gameplay. The sound effects are simple and unrealistic, but the whole match. In turn, the music is pretty cool, she rocks the menus and also - more subtly - the races.


The title features 13 countries, each with three different tracks, totaling 39 stages completely different. In this respect, the game stands out for its variety, since you'll have to play several hours to master all the tracks available. Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a casual racing game that stands out from the rest. Despite the simple graphics, highly addictive gameplay and lots of clues and challenges can keep you glued to your gadget for several hours having fun.


The game has two game modes: Challenge Mode and World Tour. In the first mode, you organize a competition to play with their friends on the same machine. The challenge is to make the best of times on selected tracks. In this mode up to six people can compete. In World Tour, you participate in the World Championship that takes you to visit different countries with amazing tracks. Each place has unique challenges that require you to hone your skills in the management of small and slippery Karts.


Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is available for both iOS and Android and you can download it from Google Play and iTunes App Store for free.

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