RK Launcher Is A Full Featured Mac OS X App Dock Like Windows Taskbar Alternate Software

One of the most exciting enhancement of Mac OS X is surly the powerful application launcher (app dock). This feature is missing in Windo...


One of the most exciting enhancement of Mac OS X is surly the powerful application launcher (app dock). This feature is missing in Windows (if you see Taskbar as app launcher, then I will be wrong) and developers have provided a lot of third-party tool to bring an application launcher in Windows. We already shared some of those launcher e.g. Rotating SliderDock, Gizmo Customizable Toolbar and so more. Although they were all unique in action and brilliant to use, but they aren’t an application dock. rather I would like to use the word Application Launcher. Today I am sharing a tool RK Launcher called that can be perfect replacement of Windows Taskbar and works as application dock and launcher. RK Launcher is a Windows application that will store shortcuts and leave your opened item in a Mac OS X style dock. RK Launcher is a simple tool and capable of giving a whole new look to your desktop. One of the great appeals of the Mac is its visual quality and with this new bar will be possible to have a little of Mac in Windows too. It is a portable and tiny app so it’s simple to set up and should not cause major problems in your usage as it consumes really little system resource.


Being portable, the bar doesn’t need to be installed, you only have download the archive file from the link below and unzip to get started. From the decompression folder, execute the RKLauncher.exe file to run the dock. By default, the dock will be placed in the center-bottom part of your window and you will be able to change it later.


To change the position of the dock, appearance and several other settings, right-click on the bar and click on Settings. There, you can define the positioning (from the Position tab) and various other options such as the normal size and the hovered size of the dock, level of transparency, colors and its features.


On default, the dock is set to be shown on the top of all opened window. You can change it from the Behavior tab of setting. From here, you can set whether the doc should always remain on top or not, should it be locked (to block the inclusion of new items and also the exclusion of the icons found there), if you want to hide the Taskbar original Windows (after all, RK Launcher is an excellent alternate for it!) and more.

RK Launcher is an amazing and complete Windows Taskbar alternate that works just like the way Mac OS X application launcher do. If you are looking for something to take place of Mac app launcher in Windows, then RK Launcher can be one of the best choice. RK Launcher is a tiny freeware portable tool and works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download RK Launcher

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