Analyze Hard Disc Quick And Check Result In Pie/Bar Chart With DiskSavvy For Windows

Every day, more and more powerful computers reaches on the market with more processing power, faster video cards and storage capacity, those...

Analyze-Hard-Disc-Quick-And-Check-Result-In-PieBar-Chart-With-DiskSavvy-For-Windows-()Every day, more and more powerful computers reaches on the market with more processing power, faster video cards and storage capacity, those are increasing exponentially. To manage both space and find out which files or folders eat up precious spaces of hard disk, you can count on DiskSavvy. It is another free alternate application of our previously shared disk analyzer tool FilePro, OverDisk, JDiskReport or SpaceSniffer to manage files and allows the user to do an x-ray over the Hard Drive on seconds. Considering others, DiskSavvy is real faster with brillant and modern interface. Savvy Disk is a simple but effective to detect the occupancy of files on your computer. Easy to start scans and real speedy process makes this tool impressing, so you can find out soon what you want. DiskSavvy has both free and paid version. Although some functions are not available in the free version of the program, yet those available is well worthy to manage your daily need.

Fining the space each file takes up on your computer using Disk Savvy is very simple. First, click Analyze and choose which places/directories will be analyzed. If desired, the Advanced tab let’s you set some search patterns, such as speed and type of scan. Once done, click Start and wait for the competition of analysis.


While the scan is on progress, you can track your progress in a small window. When it's over, the results are displayed as a file tree. The percentage occupancy of each file, its size in GB, MB or KB, number of files in each folder and the total space that the folder or file occupies on the hard drive are displayed in a single window.


Click on Charts to view analysis result in a chart form. DiskSavvy has two different chart layout, one it Pie Chart and another is Bar Chart.


You can also change the chart data from the bottom bar.

DiskSavvy is a quick and faster alternate tool to analyze files in your HD. DiskSavvy works perfectly on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista while we have also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download DiskSavvy

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