Batch Edit Meta Tags Of Music Files, Create Different Formats & Others With Hanso Tagger

You may have noticed that the music files often come with information such as author name, composer info, album etc.. tagged with file itsel...

Batch-Edit-Meta-Tags-Of-Music-Files,-Create-Different-Formats-&-Others-With-Hanso-Tagger-(2)You may have noticed that the music files often come with information such as author name, composer info, album etc.. tagged with file itself. These are called meta information and used to identify the track. This information is very useful because they help media players the recognize and organize them as you like. However, many times music tracks don’t have meta tags with them or come wrong meta description. The target of the Hanso Tagger is to be a tool to edit the song information easily individually or in batch mode. It uses the ID3 system to save meta information within the file itself. The Hanso Tagger is a simple tool which makes it real handy to edit all types of meta information of a music tag quickly. It follows format to add automatic batch tag rename and you can customize those format as you like. However, its real usefulness may be questionable as it do the same thing you can perform from file properties of any version of Windows as well as from most of the media players. The main deference lies in the simplicity and the ability to create tag format. More to read.


During installation, it will try to download and install another tool called Smart Suggestor. To make sure that you don’t install any unnecessary tool, select Custom Installation from the installation type and dis-select Install Smart Suggestor.


To start you need to add the tracks you want to edit in the Hanso Tagger. Click File> Open Directory and select the folder containing the desired media files files. The added files will then appear in the main window as a list with meta information (If any). That’s the first half of the main window.


The bottom half is the main utility tool where you will find all info and tool to edit the meta information. If the file contains lots of wrong tag, click Remove Tags to erase all tags. Edit any meta information from the left-hand side and then click on Write Tags to save the changes to the file.


If there’s a lot of file needs to be edited, then go for batch edit customize able custom formats of tags. Select all the files from the list and then select either Use Filename Format or Use Directory Format. To change the formats, click on Format Options and then add a new format or edit existing one.


You can enter to the preference window to customize setting from Options > Program Preferences. From here, you can add or remove column to display, change fonts/colors, copy tags or ID3 export/edit and other settings.

The Hanso Tagger works only with MP3 files. After clicking "Write Tags" (Write Tags) nothing more needs to be done. The tags have been added to the file and you can check by clicking the right mouse button on file, or opening it in any player where you can read them. The software also comes with an interesting tool that works as a plugin for Winamp. With it, you can put the songs you are editing in the queue to be executed on the player once the current track ends. Hanso Tagger is a useful freeware tool works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista while we experienced slight visual problem in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Hanso Tagger

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