Bilderman Is A Simple Screenshot Capture Tool With Auto-Resize Option For Windows

Bilderman is a very simple tool that allows you to capture the content being displayed on your computer screen and save it as screenshot. Th...

Bilderman-Is-A-Simple-Screenshot-Taker-Application-With-Auto-Resize-Option-For-Windows-()Bilderman is a very simple tool that allows you to capture the content being displayed on your computer screen and save it as screenshot. The image is stored in PNG format guaranteeing highest picture quality with optimized size. This is a portable tool so you don’t need to install it to use. Simply extract the contents of downloaded ZIP file in any directory on your computer and double click on the executable file to run. A small icon appears in the System Tray indicating that the Bilderman is running. The quality of captured images is excellent, allowing you to edit the pictures with any program that suffer no distortion or lose color. Furthermore, the Bilderman responds almost instantaneously to commands screenshot. The main thing that separates Bilderman from other similar tool is auto-resize facility. More to read.

Although simple, the interface of Bilderman provide all tools and options so well organized and easily accessible. You can access to the application setting from Show by clicking the right mouse button on the application icon in the System Tray.


The program has only one window customization. Here, you can change options like the shortcuts to take screenshot of entire screen or just the active window. In addition, this screen is also what happens to choose the directory where the images are Amazonas. The Bilderman also has a feature that automatically resizes images before saving them on your computer. For this, you need to check the Resize in the settings screen and determine the width and length of the captured screenshot.


Bilderman is a really old and low-featured screenshot taker tool for Windows and comparing with similar types of programs, it almost has nothing. But regarding little system resource usage and simplicity in action, it can be a good solution for basic actions. Bilderman works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and we also tested it in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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