Download Videos From 300+ Online Source (Including YouTube, MetaCafe), Convert Videos & Play Video/Audio File With FVD Suite

FVD Suite is a multifunctional tool that can download videos directly from YouTube, MetaCafe and other 300+ online video sharing sites, down...

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-1-SuiteFVD Suite is a multifunctional tool that can download videos directly from YouTube, MetaCafe and other 300+ online video sharing sites, download virtually from any other site that uses streaming and perform conversions between various formats as well as works as a search engine for videos and Flash games (With Browser Toolbar). The interface of FVD Suite is real simple and user-friendly as all functions are accessed through different tabs located on a single interface, making it much easier to use. The toolbar that installed automatically in the browser (unless deactivated during installation) let’s you capture video from your Internet Browser. FVD Suite software is a very interesting tool, because it has several different and complementary functions and also is completely free. Users who are looking for a tool that can download videos from almost any sites all over the Internet will find this program an ideal assistant with a greatly simplified interface. Moreover, it has codecs for converting between various video formats, from most common to the least used. The conversion is done quickly and the program strives to keep the original file quality as much as possible. It also comes with a handy Multimedia player that can play almost every Audio and Video formats. More to read.

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-Suite3

During installation, it will try to install a third-party browser toolbar call Funmoods toolbar. Since it is not really that useful, you can select not to install it by selecting Custom Installation and then disabling Install the Funmoods toolbar.

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-Suite5

Once you installed the application, run it to get started. To download a video from YouTube (Or any other supported online video service), copy the URL and paste it into the URL field and then click on Add. From the popped-up window, check Add to converter if you want to download and convert the video as well. You can add multiple videos to download all the software at once. In the List of supported sites you will get a list of other sites supported by the software. Before you start downloading, you should select the conversion options. Choose the destination directory, a name for the file created and if you want, select the option to download it in HD if this quality is available. Finally click Download. You will be able to control priority of downloads by using Up/Down arrow in the bottom panel. There you will also find Pause/Resume and Stop etc. controllers to control download.

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-Suite6

In the Convert tab, you can add several videos to be converted at the same time. Click Add to add files to the list. Then choose the format in the Convert to and set the other quality options as you want. Finally, choose the destination directory of converted files from Browse and click Go to start the process. Finally, test the corresponding files on the player to check the results.

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-Suite2

As mentioned above, FVD Suite also has other interesting features. In the Screen Recorder tab, you will get the list of recorded videos from the browser plugin and can send them to convert it from there. Again it comes packed with FVD Player which is a Mac like multimedia player that can play almost all types of Audio and Video files.

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-Suite

Check out the video demo below.

FVD Suite is a complete application suite to download videos from many online video source, convert download/store videos in different formats as well as play audio/video files. FDV Suite is a freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download FVD Suite

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