Create Upto 20 Different Workspaces & Organize Opened Programs With Dexpot For Windows

If you are a power computer user or a programmer or designer, then you must be tired of having too many programs or windows opened at the sa...


If you are a power computer user or a programmer or designer, then you must be tired of having too many programs or windows opened at the same time and even get confused with so many elements, shortcuts on the desktop. Really, it’s a messy place, the Desktop of Windows OS. That’s why most Windows user really miss something like Mac’s App Launcher or Ubuntu’s 3D Desktop Utility feature in Windows. Today we are sharing a real easy and free solution of this problem Dexpot is a Workspaces Manager for Windows (which can also be called as multiple desktop manager) which is distinguished by size, utility and speed. Dexpot allows you to create up to 20 different workspaces (although you should keep it as low as possible to ensure better performance) and let’s you manage all opened programs and windows easily. It’s similar like our previously featured Multi-Tabber, it’s more likely a Windows’ version of Android homescreen. More to read.


Dexpot is able to create virtual workspaces so you can use them independently, better organizing the entire contents of your computer. It has a separate Installable and Portable version. If you are willing to use the installable version, download and then install it. Once installed, an icon with a monitor will be available in the Taskbar and this is where you can access many different virtual Desktops. The portable version is also able to do the same.


To view the preview of all available workspaces in Windows 7, just move your mouse over Dexpot icon in taskbar and it shows all virtual workspace available. You will see what is running on each one and choose which one you want to open.


To configure the Dexpot, right click on Dexpot icon from system tray and click on Settings to set the global preferences of the application, such as shortcuts, appearance, behavior and others. To choose the total number of virtual desktops to be available, check the "Number of desktops" in General tab.


There are plenty of adjustments that can be made in Dexpot, and the best part is that the program is after having so much advanced options, Dexpot is real easy to use. Dexpot is a free application runs on Windows 7.

Download Dexpot

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