Easily Create Image From CD/DVD Or Files & Burn Images Or Files/Folder To CD/DVD Via ImgBurn

ImgBurn is a great program to create CD/DVD image file from any files/folder, burning ISO/DMG or any other images into CD/DVD or even burnin...

Easily-Create-Image-From-CDDVD-Or-Files-&-Burn-Images-Or-FilesFolder-To-CDDVD-Via-ImgBurn-()ImgBurn is a great program to create CD/DVD image file from any files/folder, burning ISO/DMG or any other images into CD/DVD or even burning files on CD/DVD directly. This is a useful freeware Windows software for burning files and folders or image files to CD/DVD and it is also capable of compressing files and folders or disk content into image files. ImgBurn is one of the best and most reputable free programs for burning CD/DVD and creating image files. With an intuitive easy-to-use interface, it has simple getting started options to find what you are looking for at a glance. Besides of being real simple, ImgBurn has lots of advanced tool to provide maximum control while creating a image file or burning it on CD/DVD. After all, it is a very small and lightweight program, comparing with similar other tools and consumes relatively low system resource while running. All of its features are well executed and will be extremely useful. More to read.


The usage of the program is very simple. When you open ImgBurn, all 6 major tools will be displayed on the home screen and you only need to select what you want from here. There are six icons, each with a different function. In Write image file to disc, you will be able to burn image files to CD/DVD. If you want to create CD/DVD from files/folder directly instead of an image, select Write files/folders to disc. To create image files from the contents of any CD/DVD, select Create image file from disc. To create an image file from CD/DVD, click on Create image from disc. You can compress files/folders, creating an image file by clicking on the Create image file from file/folders. Verify disc let’s you check CD/DVD individually or against an image file to determine the health of CD/DVD. Finally, selecting the Discovery, you can test recording label of a disc to find out if all is right. Check out about all six tools at a glance:

  • Write image file to disc : Function is ideal for you to burn a disk image that already exists on your computer to a CD or DVD.
  • Create image file from disc : Allows you to create images from previously recorded media. This is useful when you need to make backups or want to take a new backup from another.
  • Verify Disk : Verifies if the contents of the disc was recorded correctly.
  • Write files/folders to disk : Feature allows you to burn files and folders right from your computer to the CD or DVD.
  • Create image from files/folders : You can also create images from files on your hard drive. After creating the image, you can burn to a CD or DVD or even send to your friends so they write for themselves.
  • Discovery : Function to find the settings on your CD or DVD. The tool "Discovery" is a complete diagnosis, both of your drive, the disc being recorded.


ImgBurn supports a lot of image file format. It includes support for BIN, CDI, CDR, DI, DVD, GCM, GI, IMG, ISO, LST, MDS, NRG, PDI and UDI. Writing images and Creating images works at almost the same way. Click on the desired tool and then add source which you are going to burn or from where you are going to create an image file. Then select destination where you are going to burn that or where you are going to save the created image file. The left panel has 4/5 tabs, Information tab displays selected media information, file size, disc information and more while the Labels tab displays image label or let you add label to the image/disc. The Options tab allow you to configure some usual configurations and the Advanced tab is for advanced user with many options to configure created image or burnt disc.


Once you are done with adding source and configuring destination, click on create or burn. ImgBurn will then start creating image file or burning the media.


ImgBurn also displays a detailed log of every process including what it has done and when it was done.

ImgBurn is a brilliant freeware tool to create Image files, burn and manage CD/DVD and analyzing discs. ImgBurn works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista while we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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