DropIt: Easily Organize Files Automatically By Performing Actions Based On Extension/Rule [Windows]

Have you ever faced the problem when you are unable to find a file from your Computer, even you are sure you have it? Organizing files every...

sshot-2Have you ever faced the problem when you are unable to find a file from your Computer, even you are sure you have it? Organizing files every now and then is an easy buy boring task so most people doesn’t go thorough this task often and then end up on a dead end finding a file. If you have lots of file unorganized and now cannot understand where to start from, DropIt can help you. This is a small program that specializes to separate, move and compress files by extension. Organize your computer, but leave all the hard work with this application. DropIt is a small and discreet that you can save hours of service for some users. In seconds, it separates and forwards folders full of files. However, the software becomes low value after the cleaning is complete. After all, nobody needs to organize your computer daily. It should also be used carefully, otherwise you my compromise your data or send files to an unknown directory.


DropIt is so simple to use that does not even have an interface itself, only a small box with an icon. To use it, you simply drag any folder into it. Then the program asks you what you want to do with each file format: if you want to move, delete, copy, compress, or extract the documents. You can still tell a different directory for each format.

The program also saves your preferences for each extension automatically, so any file format that will be sent the same way. To delete the entries and give documents a new destination, right-click the program icon and delete entries in the option Associations.


But be careful while using DropIt! If the command associated with a particular extension is to delete the files, for example, it may end up with all the new data have been deleted. Therefore, always check the list of actions within the option Associations before using the program.


Yet, DropIt is one useful to easily organize your files by extension automatically every often. It is an open-source tool available with installer and as well as portable version. DropIt works on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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