Easily Tweak Windows 7 System & Customize Start Orb, Login UI And More With Sunrise Seven [Featured]

If you are frustrated with the performance of your Windows 7 or wants to boost it’s speed and usability, it allows several improvements to ...

Easily-Tweak-You-Windows-7-System-&-Customize-Start-Orb,-Login-UI-And-More-With-Sunrise-Seven-[Featured]-()If you are frustrated with the performance of your Windows 7 or wants to boost it’s speed and usability, it allows several improvements to be done in it’s interface, options and its features. However, most of these options are found real deep in the settings which makes it really hard to find those options even if you knew they are here. And most of them need to manual editing on registry that is a nightmare even for advanced users. We previously shared a great Windows System Utility tool called Ultimate Windows Customizer which listed some real useful Windows settings under the same window to make them easy to find for the user. Sunrise Seven is almost same as the Ultimate Windows Customizer. Sunrise Seven brings together a large number of useful options in a easy to find and organized interface from where you can make huge change to your system with a single mouse click. At the same time, the program also adds some new options like changing the Start Menu Button (Start Orb), changing the Log In background, Windows XP like taskbar in Windows 7 and more to make your computer more personal. It is very easy to change system settings with Seven Sunrise. But it can also compromise the computer if the user does not pay proper attention at what he is doing. In our tests, we were able to change Windows firewall notifications, Change Start Menu icon and Log In window background as well as taskbar appearance. More to read.

It is recommended to pay careful attention whiles selecting the application's options since some of them may expose your computer to risks or just ruin the system. Sunrise Seven is recommended only for those who have knowledge of Windows functions. Always read carefully what each alternative refers. If in doubt, leave it blank/default. It is also highly recommended to create a System Restore Point before making any changes.


The application interface is perfectly clear and easy to understand. To make it easier to find proper tool, it categorizes it’s options in different tabs like Quick Adjustment, UAC Settings, Performance, Security Settings, More Adjusting Options, Explorer and Start Menu, MiniStart Menu, OEM Information, and Cleaning and Maintenance tabs at the left side. Each tab also contains some sub-category with similar types of tools. The Quick Adjustment tab has Start menu and Shell Options, Additional Object Context Menu Options, Additional Settings, Notification options, UAC changing options and Configure Taskbar appearance options available.


If you want to change the Windows 7 taskbar appearance to Windows XP or Windows Vista like taskbar with application icon and application name visible in the taskbar rather than default only icon, just click on the corresponded image. The shell items will be re-written and then Windows Explorer will restart. You will get the old style taskbar then.


The Performance tab contains Increase Performance, Turn Off Services, Configure Other Options and The times of the reaction sub-category. You can extend RAM-support to more then 4GB (32-bit) or disable automatic folder type discovery to increase file browser performance. You can also turn off other services (specially Windows Search, Offline Files, Tablet PC Input-If non-tablet user and Superfetch) to boost system performance. Also change time before reaction if you are certain (make sure you don’t set it too high or too low.


From the Security tab, you can change Windows Update settings, hide any item from Control Panel or disable any administrative access like Task Manager, MMC Snap-ins, Control panel etc. to protect your administrative account.


From the More Adjusting Options, you can change the logon UI background, add additional options in Context Menu, turn of transparency complexly, change thumbnail size and more.


From the Explorer and Start Menu tab, you will be able to add/remove items from Start Menu, change the Start Button (Start Orb) from your own image or from 70 pre-added Start Menu Orb, change Start Menu appearance and more.


The OEM Information tab allows you to change OEM Information (Caution!), check Windows 7 Product Key and more. Cleaning and Maintenance tab lets you perform automatic disc clean up.

Sunrise Seven is a brilliant freeware Windows 7 System Utility tool that brings up many useful Windows Settings under one window to let you easily boost Windows’ performance by disabling services or customize your Windows by changing Start Orb, Log in background or more. Sunrise Seven works on 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows 7 Operating System.

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