Restore All Types Of Deleted Files From You Computer & Securely Delete Files Forever With FileWing

If you have deleted a file by accident and do not know what to do to recover it, then don’t get so busted at that time because there’s some ...

1-Restore-Deleted-Files-From-You-Computer-&-Securely-Delete-Files-Forever-With-FileWingIf you have deleted a file by accident and do not know what to do to recover it, then don’t get so busted at that time because there’s some tool available on the Internet to undelete/recover deleted files for you. Yesterday we have shared such a full free recovery tool call Recuva from Piriform. That was a brilliant tool indeed to find and recover deleted files. Today we are going come up with another tooled called FileWing from Abelssoft to recover all types of deleted files for Windows. FileWing works much like the full free Recuva, scans through sectors to find recoverable bytes and then displays the files that can be effectively recovered and also lists those lost completely or partially recoverable. Recuva is yet more recommended as it is full free but considering effectiveness, FileWing can be a perfect competitor as it works as good as (even better sometimes) Recuva. Also it has a modern and appealing User Interface that makes it easier to use for amateur uses. On one point FileWing is way more ahead of same genera application is it has a verity of tool. Besides recovering files quickly and safely, it is also able to delete them permanently, using calculations and algorithms in order to avoid any future possibility of recovering those files.

FileWing is a brilliant hard drive file recovery tool for Windows. This application has both free and paid version. Paid version has some extra features like Deep Scan but the free version is well enough to met your need. Once you downloaded and installed FileWing, run it. On the first run, you will need to enter your Email, First/Last Name to receive your Unlock code. The unlock code will then be mailed to your email account for free.


The user interface is real modern and appealing. The Action Wizard runs with the execution of the program is well detailed and will guide you easily to what you need. The process is quite simple and easy to understand. Not only internal hard disc but also and al hard drives and even USB devices can be scanned for deleted files and restored effectively. Although you should remember that USB devices work with volatile memory, so there is small chance of recovering data for USB device. Another thing you should know that FileWing only recognizes USB drives connected to the computer before starting the program. Otherwise, the software identifies only the local disks of the system.


Once you start the program, it will show the wizard. If you want to recover deleted files, then click on Scan Disks.


Then from the next window, select drives to scan for. Here you will get all partitions of your internal hard disc and as well as USB Drives and External hard drives. Click on the preferred drive to scan for.


From the next window, you can filter file types to limit searching. You can select document, pictures, musics/videos or scan for all types of files. Select what you need.


Then click on Use Smart Scan to choose your scanning method. Note that here’s another scanning method called Deep Scan which takes way more time but at the end shows more effective result. But if you are a free user, you will not be able to use the Deep Scan. On the next window, click Finish to start scan immediately.


Now wait for sometimes until FileWing finishes scanning. During scan, it will show real time list of found delete files. With the listing made, select files to be batch restored by holding Ctrl and then clicking on the respective files. You can also filter files by name or by format (e.g. WMV, AVI) by inputting the name/format in Filter here field.


Once you have selected files you want to restore, click on Restore files from the bottom. Then you will be displayed a list of all selected files to be restore. The next screen allows you to choose a folder for the recovered files. Click on Choose another folder to select another folder for the recovered file. Unless, files will be restored in their previous origin.


Once the recovered process finished successfully, you will be show a report.


If you want to securely delete any files so that they cannot be recovered later, select Erase files or driver instead of Scan Disks from the startup wizard. Or click on Erase Data Forever from the main window. Then import files/folders you want to delete completely here. Then click on Delete Files.


On the next window, you will be asked to select deletion method. FileWing supports 7 methods to delete file:

  • Quick Deletion: Very fast, but can be restored later.
  • GOST: Fast but not too safe.
  • DoD (E): Average speed and average security.
  • DoD (ECE): Average speed and more secure.
  • Bruce Schneider: Medium speed, almost safe.
  • VSITR: Slower but much safer.
  • Peter Gutmann: very slow but extremely safe.

Select what you need from here. Selected files and folders will be deleted then.

FileWing is a pretty awesome and professional looking hard drive recovery tool to recover deleted files for your Computer as well as deleting data securely. FileWing Free offers Smart Scan to let you restore files effectively. FileWing works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and we also tested it successfully in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download FileWing

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